cucumber end seeming near.

ChicagoDeli37August 25, 2012

My cucumbers had a slow start. But eventually just exploded.

I planted 12.

4 burpless

4 straight eights

4 Boston pickling

Once they exploded with foliage in the beginning were

green and healthy. The pickling I harvested a decent

amount but there were still tons of tiny ones

That just never seeemed to grow.

The other two were very minimal.

I Think that by planted so many together in a small box that

The nutritients just were not there. I used organic ferts once a month.

Anyway now they are loaded with powder and seemed to

of stooped producing. Although many small guys, flowers, and bees.

Question is should I start to just cut these down and start getting

them out of my way the top of my cage. Or

Just leave them be till completely dead?

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

If they have stopped producing then why keep them? If by "loaded with powder" you mean powdery mildew did you treat it? If not then they should already have been pulled so it wouldn't spread.


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A lot of people's died off early this yr due to many reasons! Even veteran Amish here told me that theirs died off early on due to the cuke beetle! Mine got PM early too but I was happy w/ what I did manage to bring in. I also think they must be particularly susceptible to heat stress, maybe more than most plants.

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My squash cucs and cantaloupes all have PM
squash and cucs the worst.
Haven't had the most time lately to be on top
of it so it kind of took over.
should I take them up before spreading to tomatoes, peppered, eggplant?

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Hey ChicagoDeli37,

A few days ago, after reading your message, I went outside and took a look at my cucumbers. Hmmmm, they didnâÂÂt look very good:

Than, looking more carefully, I saw new vines growing both on the outside of the frame and underneath the old leaves - see the small leaves on the first picture above.

What I did was removing ALL the dry (light brownish) and half-dry leaves (they would get dry in few days anyway.)
I also - CAREFULLY - laid down the new vines on the sides of the frame.

Than I put back the young vines on the frame.

Few days later, they look pretty good. I'm sure the young leaves wouldn't look so healthy if they were covered by old leaves.

I still have some cukes. No "end" near for my cucumbers. Tx ChicagoDeli37 for the inspiration.

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