Rain-rain and more rain!

nonacook(8bFL)June 12, 2012

If any of you watch the weather channel you already know that in Pensacola, we have had LOTS of rain.The back corner of my garden had only about 12 inches (low spot). However others in the area had lots of problems. 3 blocks from me the Burger King had water up to the bottom of its windows.

LOTS of people had water in their houses and MANY lost their cars. Many without electricity. It is still raining, and is supposed to rain every day this week.

I am one of the lucky ones, that is on a little higher


Prayers for all those affected by the water.

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Marlene Kindred

Wow Nona...yes, I've been seeing all of the storms move over Florida. Twelve inches of rain is incredible! Hope it will end soon and you can begin drying out! Thinking of you for sure.

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Been seeing it on the news & sending up prayers. Didn't realize you were in Pensacola. It's been raining buckets for days here too but nothing like that. We always seem to be on the outskirts of those storms. Glad to hear you are safe & dry at least.


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I've been wondering if you were OK & GF in Spring Hill, Fla. needs rain but not 12 inches!! I need to check on her. Glad you are OK. Hope Golden Pond is too! I remember her great video she was doing in middle of a storm until it got too scary & she had to go inside! Jan

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Actually the 12 inches of water was just on the
ground in my garden--The official rain gauge in my community registered 14 plus inches.
The burger King 3 blocks from me had water up
past the bottoms of their
windows, and the town had LOTS of cars under water,
and WAY too many houses had water inside.
Spring Hill is about 11-12 hours south of me-I have
friends that live there too.
Thanks for the concern....

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Take good care, nona...glad you are safe & hoping the rains stop! Not good! Jeanne S.

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Spring Hill just got a nice rain but all soaked in the ground but GF Said they will take whatever they can get! Hope you are drying out now! Friends going to Wash. Rain up there too I guess. Our day got hot this afternoon, 100 in Palmdale not quite that where we were. Summer has arrived ! Jan

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