Stokes tropicals...anyone have experience?

plantsaremylife_grow(5b)May 17, 2011

I'm just wondering if anyone here has experience with this company?. I really want a orange bird of paradise and they have them. Living in Michigan of course I can't find them! I always find the white one and have a rather large one doing well. The price seems wonderful too! Although shipped bare root?.......hmmmmm. How do you think they would respond to that. I would guess well since they ship them this way, although don't Strelizias dislike root disturbance? Seems like it would really stress them. Any ideas? Kyle

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Hey Kyle..Well, if you like Logee's, you will probably like Stokes.

Like Logees, I used to be a good customer of Stokes..'early/mid 90's.'

Stokes used to send a catalog, 'pre-computer days' Of course I ordered. The plants they had couldn't be found in IL.
They're prices were a tad high, but nowhere near as nowadays.
Of course, like everything else, what one thinks expensive, others might not.

I'm not impressed w/Stokes shipping prices either. I like their Hibisus Fertilizer. 'My hibs are fertilized w/hib fert, nothing else.'
It goes on sale in fall..I chose two containers..when the shipping was added, it totaled more than both containers together..I cancelled the order.

However, their plants aren't bad. Do you ever go to Gardenwatchdog? If not, please check their site.
They list numerous nurseries, from A-Z. Click on S..Scroll down until you see Stokes Tropicals..Then read Stokes feedback.

Do they mention the size of the Strilizia? Height? Actually, they're fairly hardy..It's possible, some leaves will yellow, 'possibly, not absolutely.'

When a plant is shipped, particularly bare-root, there's always some stress involved. But Musas/Strelitzias should ship well.

As for their plants, they 'used' to sell decent, healthy speciems. Remember, this was back in the 90's. However, I can't imagine their plants going downhill, and believe Stokes is run and owned by the same people/family now as did then.

Do they sell any Strelitzias near your home? Reginae, (orange flowers) is very rare. I was given a Reginae late 80's, early 90's as a gift.. Never seen one for sale since. As old as it is, it's never flowered. :(

S. Nicolai, 'white flower' is common here..HD sells this species. I bought my Nicolai, reduced at HD in the mid to late 90's..It's fine, but again, no blooms. Double :(.

What will you do, Kyle? Toni

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Hey Toni- I'm so glad your so knowledgeable! I always look at the Gardenwatchdog. What a wonderful thing. I think I'm gonna try them out. I can't find the orange one up here, no. I don't know why either. They always have the white ones around and I do have one. I love it. Is the white one quicker growing than the orange? Is that why they always have them available?

Stokes says they ship them 1-3 ft tall. I'm guessing closer to the one foot size. Three foot would be wonderful. They are 19.95 til the end of the month. Strelitzias are to me the first plant I think of when I here the word tropical, although aren't they more of a deserty plant? There feedback is pretty good so I guess ive made my decision ;). Kyle

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Kyle, I don't know why the orange Bird is hard to find, yet the white flower is available everywhere. 19.95 is a great deal, especially if it really is 1-3' fact, that's an incredible bargain.

Yep, the white grows faster than the orange.
Birds/Stelizias are related to Musa/Bananas. So, they're

Is Stokes having a sale? Maybe I should check out their plants, lol.

Here's a pic of both Stelitzias together..the soil was hilly, needed leveling...oh well..
The orange 'smaller' was given to me before the white. 'larger.' Plus the white was smaller than the orange when it was purchased..see the difference in height?
They're larger now, but the orange is still smaller than the white.

Also, see the leaf sizes..this pic was taken recently.

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Toni- Is that your greenhouse? I'm scowling with jealousy if it is lol. Just kidding. Beautiful. I love the coordinated pots with the flower colors to be. I do that too, especially with flowering cactus. Lol. Those are beautiful clumps Toni...great growing! Now I'm convinced I need one and I will be complete:). Ha ya ok. I better act on this. You should check them out. They have a hanging pot of nepenthes I'm interested in as well...sigh! I love Strelitzias! Kyle

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Kyle..yep, it's a gh..problem is it's not big 8x12. It holds some trees and succulents, though most of my sux are growing in the house.

If you continue buying plants, you'll need a gh. lol.
They're addicting, for sure, but beautiful. Require work, but it's a good feeling when a plant blooms and/or fruits.

You love Strelitzias..A seller on Ebay has a leafless Strelitzia..also a couple/few years ago, I heard a Mexican Strelitzia was flowers.

I wish I had a friend has a built-in Solarium, but she keeps cockatiels inside. She also has sky lights, and garden windows..LUCKY..She has a dozen or so plants, that are kept in a fairly shady spot..Still, her Clivias are gigantic. They flower like weeds. Wish I had her home..

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