Chlorophytum experts, please

kwie2011May 30, 2014

I want some pretty specific spider plant characteristics, and I'm hoping someone can tell me what varieties I'm after, and maybe a good online source.

I prefer the compact varieties to the long-leafed or "giant" varieties like variegatum (big, drooping white leaves with green edges - I always feel like it's sick).

I like the smaller "reverse variegatum," with the white edges, but I'd like to find a similar variety to it that produces lots of small, compact, curly leafed "pups" on relatively short stolons. Years ago I worked in a restaurant that had dozens of these, but I'm not sure I've seen exactly the same thing since. The parent plants didn't appear curly to me, but I think there was a bit more curl in the leaves of the pups than in many varieties. The pups were relatively small size, but had many, slightly curled leaves giving them the appearance of little pom-poms.

I'd also like to find a chlorophytum laxam, I think it's called, variation unknown. It has very wide green leaves with a white pinstripe up the center. I don't think this species produces pups.

Finally, a really "frilly" version of a curly leaf variety. I'm happy with any variegation on it as long as it's quite curled.

Thanks in advance for sharing your knowledge!

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No takers, really?

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Maybe nobody knows!
Have you tried searching spider plants on eBay?
You can get a lot of interesting plant cultivars on eBay, and pictures of adult plants are usually provided, so you can see how they look when they're mature.
Good luck!

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A quick google search turned up this:

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The link below has the four most common Spiderplants you can find these days of those, Chlorophytum comosum "Bonnie" is the most compact listed there (I have one myself!). However there are a great deal of other ones out there too. If you want to get them you'll need to search out an online specialist :-)

Here is a link that might be useful: Four most common Spider Plant Varieties

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This sounds like the kind of thing that Glasshouse Works might be able to help with. I've heard that they take a long time to ship plants sometimes, but I know they have some unusual forms of a wide range of plants.

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