Croton Flower: What Now?

BloomingBeccaMay 21, 2012

My croton has just sprung this strange flower thing from the top. See link below.

I didn't much like it at first, but the blooms grew on me. Now they are sorta dead looking (don't have pictures of that). SO, my question is; now what? Should I snip that whole flower finger thing off? If I stick it back in the pot will something new grow!? Maybe I should just leave it?

The plant itself is thriving and colorful!

Also, this is my first post, so I hope I'm doing the pictures right.

Here is a link that might be useful: Croton Flower

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Extraordinary, I never saw one in flower before. What family are crotons in? For some reason I thought euphorbia family but the flowers look different.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

That's awesome! I didn't know they flowered, either. Does it look like it's forming seeds?

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

that is in the euphorbia family. it looks different because the euphorbia family is very diverse and one of the most diverse in the plant kingdom. BloomingBecca, a croton blooming is extremely rare as a houseplant. they flower only in exeptional care. good job, you should be very proud of your croton. the leaves are very colorful

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Becca, gorgeous. Very few Crotons bloom indoors. Heck, it's difficult growing Crotons in the house. You've done a great job.

Don't know if you should cut the flower stalk. If it were mine, I'd wait and enjoy. Maybe it will produce seeds, a guess.


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Perhaps a rare sight for the most of us, thanks for sharing. Those flowers are astonishing! How long have you had your Croton?


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Congratulations to you Becca,

What a pretty sight to see & quite impressive! I've only ever seen Crotons in bloom in FLA, outdoors on plants that were 6 ft. tall at least.

That you managed this indoors is outstanding! I'd suggest you keep on giving exactly the same care to this plant, since it's so happy w/ you. Pls. keep giving it that much light or more (less will lose the plant's multi-coloring & it'll become plain green).

I expect once the blooms have faded, you can just pull (yank, maybe give it a good tug or 2) & it'll come out & discard it. I'm pretty sure it won't grow anything, it's just spent blooms.

Yes, Crotons are in the family Euphorbia, I believe they're called Codaeum.

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Karen, yep, Crotons are in the Euphorbia Family. Codiaeum variegatum.

What I didn't know is, there's a garden Croton, in the Spurge/Euphorbiaceae. Common name is Rushfoil and Croton. It's used for food, medicine and biofuel. Weird, huh?

Other than the name, these two Crotons are dissimilar in looks.

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Hooray! I've had the plant about a year now. It is my first houseplant and has always been super colorful.

We did have a tragedy this winter; I left it alone for about a month and it dropped lots of it's bottom leaves. I tried my hand at air propagating it earlier this spring. I actually blogged about that adventure here:

My blog has some nice pictures of the colorful leaves too.

Also, the blooms looked pretty bad, so I did snip it. I just laid it in the pot, even if nothing grow, I don't reckon it will hurt anything.

Here is another question: I have a hook right above were the croton lives and would like to add a new hanging plant. What would like similar conditions to the croton? Any suggestions?

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I think it would be a little difficult to say what plant you could place above your Croton without knowing what kind of lighting your Croton is receiving (is it in a South window or an East/West window? How many hours a day of direct sun does that location receive on average?). I'm assuming that the window where you have your Croton receives quite a bit of lighting considering it's happy and has bloomed, but could you provide a little more detail? Just to make a shot in the dark though, perhaps a Hoya would do well in that location?


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Planto-Yeah! The croton sits in front of a glass patio door facing West. Seems to get pretty bright light all day long.

I just googled Hoya and like them! Do all varieties bloom or just some? I would love something that has some color.


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I received a croton in a dish garden, I re-planted it and it thrived. I have transplanted it several times, and now it is about 18-20 inches tall, about 6 months ago it grew a stem and also a "petal" very soft, not twisted and solid yellow, the stem blossomed like the picture above. I left it alone.. the blossoms continued to bloom, dry, fall and then little balls would form and it would re-bloom. then suddenly one day it just fell off. now 3 weeks later it is growing a new stem, along with a very small pinecone looking thing, it has many "balls" and will be in full bloom again. It sits where it gets afternoon sun in my office. I had no idea that they bloomed and this is the first time I have seen a picture of what is happening on my windowsill. I don't do anything special to it except water it and occasionally give it orchid food (that is the only fertilizer we have at work). so don't nip it off... watch and see how long it keeps blooming it is an amazing plant!

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