Can we save my Pachira?

ShawnaWannaMay 17, 2014

I have had this Pachira for years, it has always looked better than this but never has thrived and now looks like it is knocking on deaths door!
I came on here to see about advice for repotting. It has grown so tall that I thought a bigger pot might help. After reading several posts, I see that might not be the best idea. I also see that I need to find it a new home. It is not getting enough light where it is. Sounds like I should mix my own potting mix and be sure to fertilize. Can I trim off the dead branch? If so how much or where?
Honestly, I am overwhelmed. I don't know where to start or if I can even save my little guy. If anyone is willing to provide some "handholding" it would be well accepted. I do not want to give up on him!

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hello :-)

You can trim off the dead branch all the way back down to the main trunk.

Now is the time of year to re-pot. Yes, make your own free-draining mix, and this plant will thrive (if you give it the light and fertilizer you mentioned).

Squeeze the trunk at the soil-line. If it is still firm - not soft or mushy - there is still hope.


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Thanks Josh! I feel like I read something about trimming the roots? How often do you recommend fertilizing?

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I fertilize once a week with a liquid fertilizer.

When you re-pot, you will clean the old soil off the roots and replace it with a fresh mix. You will probably not need to do any root-pruning. If there are some very long roots, feel free to trim those off....otherwise, leave as much of the root-mass as possible. This is a struggling, declining tree.


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You're going to need to be patient on this one, because it's gonna take some time for that plant to rebound. I agree to cut the branch with no leaves back to the trunk. Also, do not pot up; either put it back in the same one or a new pot the same size. If you go with a free draining mix like the famous gritty mix, you may want to stay away from the built in saucer type pots, as they can make for a difficult watering experience.

If you're fortunate enough to get new growth at the point where you trim the dead brach off, let it fill in a bit, then trim back the really long branch. But, be patient, it may take a while. It will be a rehab project measured in years. I've always fertilized my pachira whenever I water, but at a "maintenance" strength. I have all of my plants in a turface/granite mix, with no bark, at a ratio based on the plant's watering needs. I use Foliage Pro as we'll. I have to thank Al (Tapla) for that, as his great wisdom has led me to success with many plants, most notably tree type plants.


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