Do houseplants ever recover after going "crispy"?

wendync(7b)May 31, 2013

Hey guys,

So I have a lot of plants. A lot. Like 80ish? Any way, I started back to school in January and I am continuing to work so I have had a lot less time to check and water all my plants. A few of the less tolerant ones have suffered with the less frequent watering.

If all of the leaves on the plant appear completely dry and "crispy" to the touch, can it be revived? Effectively, I'm guessing these leaves(all of them) are not alive any more, so can the plant be alive? Will it recover if I keep watering?? It is amazing as it happened so fast...they look fine one day and the next it's all crispy and the leaves are dead.

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It really depends on the type of plant. some will just lose their leaves as a defence mechanism to conserve water loss thru transpiration. Plenty have the capacity to be revived, plenty don't. You'll just have to do your best.
Please label everything just in case so you know what's what.
Cut off the dead and dying stuff as it will do nothing for recovery and just provide a haven for disease. DON'T overwater, in fact if the pots have been sufficiently re-wetted just leave them alone as the plant needs time to recover and won't be drawing up much moisture and you will drown the roots.
Be very very patient.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Leaves can't be revived once they're dead. "Completely dry and crispy " translates to dead! However, the leaves can be dead without taking the whole plant with them. Depending upon the kind of plant, new growth can emerge from the stems or crown.

It would be very helpful if we knew what kind of plants you're worried about.

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Well the current plant I'm worried about is a Miracle Fruit plant. Seriously, one day it was fine, the next day all leaves are crispy. And it was after maybe 4-5 days without water..It never wilted, just dried up.

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