Easter Cactus FYI

cyberdancerMay 1, 2013

Hi all, Lowes' here in NM got in some EC. They had pink, purple/magenta and red. Four inch pots for 6.98.


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I saw those at Walmart! I got one myself!! I love it. What color did you buy? Mine is magenta. Cool plant!!!

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Hi Teisa, I got a pink one, but it's still in very tight bud so I don't know if it's light or dark. I'm anxious to see what shade it's going to be. So far I have not been able to get these to re-bloom. Wish they were as easy as TC. Anyone have any pointers?

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Last year I purchased 3 from HD, red, orange, and fuchsia. Several months later the segments were falling off. Several suggested I change the potting soil to a more free draining mix using fine orchid bark. I had to soak the root ball to get all the old hard dry mix off and then repotted. I'm happy to say now that the plants have grown greatly and have even rebloomed!

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cowgurl160(4 SD)

I picked one up at Walmart today. I really didn't need another plant right now but something was pulling me towards the plant table and I guess this was it. I think mine is going to be dark pink but it still has yet to bloom.

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The ones that I saw were all in full bloom. Mine has just finished up. I've not read alot about them (yet), but I was thinking they will be just once per year bloomers for the most part. Am I not correct? Or do they bloom more frequently as some people are suggesting?TIA

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Hi all. Funny, I went to two WM and found none. As far as I know they only bloom once in Spring. Have some of you had your EC bloom more than once during the year? I would be happy if it would just bloom once. Do they need high humidity?

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