New cultivars you tried - Success Stories Only

Creek-side(5)August 24, 2013

Thread to share reviews and pictures of new things you grew this year which you would recommend.

Apollo broccoli from Territorial Seed Company.

This stuff worked exactly as advertised. Each of my plants produced one smaller than normal broccoli shoot, and all have been producing "broccolini' style shoots for three weeks now, and showing no signs of stopping. This is a winner.

The picture is of one of my nine plants. Can you see the visitor?

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

They look like Chinese Broccoli, to me.
Actually they are tastier and more expensive too.

Good Luck !

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I grew 'Gypsy' Peppers this year and it was the most productive of all the peppers I grew. 'Orange Blaze' and 'Red Beauty' also did a decent job in less than ideal weather. And they ripened early and the colors were gorgeous. Especially the Orange Blaze, what a saturated orange color it is. In the past, I've grown 'Giant Marconi' pepper that was also a winner, very productive.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

I tried a new tomato this year that I liked quite a bit, "Brandy Boy" from Burpee. Fruits average between .5-1 lb and the flavor is what I've been looking for. Granted flavor is subjective, of course, but it has a good blend of sweet, tart, and tomato that I like a lot. The plants are nicely productive and seem pretty hardy. Overall, I'm quite happy with that one. I also tried two other tomatoes that are good, but not as exciting.

Another thing I'm quite pleased with, although it is technically its 2nd year (I only had one plant last year, though) was my brown crowder pea. I think it is called Top Pick, but the labeling isn't clear, it might just be brown crowder. I picked it up from my local farm store on the assumption that they know what grows well here and what most people like. It is only the second type of cowpea I've grown, but it has a nice flavor without too much... Funk. Whatever you would call that special muskiness the other type (PEPH) had. Cowpeas are like beans in how easy they are to grow, so there's not much to say on that front.

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Gotta Have It variety of Sweet con, from Guerneys. Lots of sweet corn tastes great, but this one STAYS great on the stalk for (weeks?) after it's ready for harvest. Stalks are shorter and yield seems smaller than my experience with previous varieties, but effective delivery to the table (what really matters) is way up in my household.

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

I grew Felicity heatless jalapeno this year. I had only one plant and it has made twice as many peppers as two Anaheim plants. It has NO heat, and I wasn't crazy about it green, but fully ripe, it is very sweet and delicious. I like the flavor better than my favorite ripe bell, Big Bertha. Absolutely carefree. I will grow again.

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AiliDeSpain(6a - Utah)

Alot of things were new for me as this is only my second year gardening!!! What I liked:
Better bush hybrid tomato from park seed. Very prolific and very compact compared to determinate varieties like roma.
Spacemaster cucumber from park seed- I only grew two plants and I have canned 20 pints of pickles plus ate a ton fresh and gave some away.
Rainbow blend sweet peppers park seed- Love how productive these bells are. I have lost count on how many I have harvested and it just keeps going!

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

I have tried one variety of dwarf cherry tomatoes, called SWEET N-NEAT.
They are about 8'' in height and cover about 1.5 sqr-ft. They have been producing ripe fruits gradually since mid July and they are still loaded. Fruit size varies from small cherry to about walnut size. They are sweet and taste good.
What I like about most is that they are EARLY, they take much less space, and are prolific.

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The rain, rain, rain led to a bodacious outbreak of late blight here in the Southern Appalachians this year, and most tomatoes were dead by Aug. 1. Not Mountain Magic, a blight-resistant cherry tomato developed at NC State. It's still pumping out golf ball-size tomatoes like crazy, with not hint of late blight on a single leaf or fruit, and no cracked fruits either. I am impressed!

Here is a link that might be useful: Mountain magic tomato

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danzeb(7a long island)

Burpee Hybrid II cucumber has been very prolific. 3 plants planted 3 inches apart. The vines branch and have grown over 12 feet. No bitter taste. The were planted late May and are still flowering August 30th. Picked over 40 cucumbers. There is now some yellowing of the leaves but 70% of the leaves are still very healthy. The have not been sprayed with any insecticide. Squash 6 feet away had powdery mildew 3 weeks ago but there is none on the cucumber plants.

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