beautiful Night Blooming Cerius and the DH finally.

coloredthumb(9a)June 21, 2009

I posted photos on KT of the Night Blooming Cerius in my front yard outside my br window, got the DH who nurtured the plants in the photo too. He finally allowed me to post a photo of him. I'm a lucky gal. I got a handsome man that does T2T with me and tends to the plants.


Here is a link that might be useful: night blooms

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That is one gorgeous flower! And you are definitely lucky to have such a hunky DH who helps in the garden and does junk hunting! Ask him if he gives lessons, LOL. My golfer could use them.

hugs, Karen

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What a beautiful cacti!!!!! WOW, never knew anything about them. Since they only bloom once in awhile my bet is that they are pollinated my bats. What a wonderful hubby to tend to them and have such a big payoff as this. Document it well so others can learn from you. Now, I have a question---is this cacti usually use a tree as its source for climbing? Is it a parasite meaning does it use the tree as it's host? Such an interesting cacti since I just googled it.....
Thanks for sharing your excitement!
Love, Jules

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Hi Jules, I don't know about how often anyone else's may bloom but this one is at least once a year for starting in the beginning of June. They are pollinated by moths LOL. This plant was taken from cuttings 5.5 years ago and it has bloomed every year for the last 4 and last year it bloomed in June and December. This time really blows me away with over 100 buds though. I think DH talks fertilizer to it. I've seen then grow and attach to a stucco wall, I've ween then grow up many different trees and then I've also seen them grow in a tangled heap and spread out in a fence type wall. Believe me Cacti make good protection under windows. LOL


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That is so impressive - the detail in the flowers is gorgeous. I didn't know they climbed either. And that one is huge! Thanks for sharing!

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Wonderful--I posted on the KT when I went to see the photos...

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Me too. I got all disoriented cuz I didn't know where I was and answered another post too.

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Gals I don't mind where you answer just so you like the photos. Some of the KT gals and guys asked for some day shots of the plant so I put up another photo heavy post. It also has pics of the flat night blooming cactus with only one bloom opening tonight. I got cuttings just 2 years ago but it has bloomed 3x since then.


Here is a link that might be useful: day shots of night bloomers

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Marlene Kindred

What a beautiful flower! LOVE it! And your DH is wonderful for tending to it!

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WOW, coloredthumb...I have never seen anything like that! The blooms are just beautiful!!! And, "white at night" is always just awesome! Thanks for sharing your DH's gardening skills & the pics! The only cactus I can grow here is "prickly pear" with yellow blooms...Jeanne S.

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Wow! Such a gorgeous blloom. It's amazing, so much beauty on a prickly plant.

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