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roksee(Benicia SF Bay Area)June 1, 2014

Hello, I have had this China Doll for about 1 year. Somehow it doesn't seem as healthy as it did...
Can anyone give me their opinion ? I always keep it inside.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

It looks great to me. But if you don't think it's as perky as it used to be, the soil may be degrading into tiny particles after a year, in conjunction with roots filling the pot. Even little trees make extensive root systems. Do you think it may be time to repot? Is excess water able to escape from the pot when you water (to avoid a build-up of tap water chemicals and fertilizer?) If it's just looking kind of dull, it might like to go out in the rain, in the shade, to get the dust off, though I don't say this to imply that I see any dust. Most plants look fantastic after a little shower, and the soil gets flushed with rain water in the process.

It also looks like there may be a multitude of tiny individuals? How many? If so, the bigger ones might bully the little ones, so to speak, blocking the light and pushing them out of the way. When repotting, they can be separated if you want. If you like this bushy appearance, I would probably leave them, though might spread them out in the pot a bit more, occasionally chopping off the top of the tallest one, for a constant flush of low, new growth - bushy. The other plants would hide the cut(s) when made, only you would know this is going on.

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roksee(Benicia SF Bay Area)

thank you ! It is only one plant.. and it has grown, I don't know ... I keep thinking it doesn't get enough sun.. the tag said to put it in the sunniest place in the house. But here in Ca that also means the hottest. I will check out the soil more carefully, I have a feeling your right on track about that.

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