broccoli rabe - few spindly buds, lots of leaves

ffreidlAugust 14, 2014

This is my first year growing broccoli rabe (raab,rapini).

Unlike store-bought, my plants have lots of leaves but fairly few and spindly buds. The broccoli rabe I've seen sold in the farmer's market near me looks similar to mine, but the rabe in the supermarket has considerably more and larger buds.

Is there some trick large scale growers use to increase the number and density of buds? Some kind of pruning...? Special fertilizing regimen...?

Anyone out there growing broc rabe that compares well to store-bought?

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The primary edible parts of the rabe plant are the leaves. The best varieties have more leaves that bulbs and stalks. I planted a similar plant called spigiriello that is more stalky, but the leaves are great; tastes a lot like collards.

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