What is wrong with my Dracaena lemon lime??!!!

pumpkineater2June 16, 2013

I got this plant at home depo about a year ago. It was small but it has gotten a lot bigger in the time that i have had it. It gets bright inderect light from a north window. only A little bit of direct sun only on some leaves in the morning and late afternoon. About a month ago i noticed brown spots in the white stripe of the varigation on the leaves as shown in the pictures. I do not know what is causing this. As of about a week ago i have started leaving water sit out for a couple of days before giving it to the plant. And I will start watering less often. I mist it once or twice a day along with all the other plants that I have. If anyone knows anything about what this might be, please tell.

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grrr4200(z3 MI)

could be lack of humidity? or water left on the plant and it burning from the sunlight?

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Heres another pic.

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Well since there is no other posts I guess nobody has any ideas about what this is. Drat! That's what I was afraid of.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Stop the misting, for one thing. It's likely a reaction to over-watering or to a high level of solubles in the soil. You should be using a soil that allows you to water copiously whenever you wish - so you can flush the soil of salts that accumulate from tap water & fertilizer solutions.

Odds are that allowing the water to rest overnight won't help chlorine to gas off, given that most municipal water depts are using a form of chlorination with a long half life - much less volatile than older forms. Fluorine compounds never did gas off. I've asked a lot of degreed scientists if watering with cold water is/could be harmful to the plant's health. Surprisingly, no one could think of a physiological reason why it might be harmful, though we know that getting water colder than about 10* lower than leaf surface temperature can cause spoiled foliage. I have a streptocarpella I splashed cold water on by accident (outdoors) that will be at least a month recovering from that blunder.


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Thanks. I'll stop misting it and I will flush the soil and see how it does. As for the water problem, I'll probably have to buy spring water or distilled (collecting rainwater is out of the question where I live).


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jean001a(Portland OR 7b)

Perhaps fluoride toxicity? If so, fluoride in water doesn't gas off.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

What you're using for a soil will have the most impact on how easy/difficult will be bringing along consistently healthy plant material. It determines whether or not you can water properly, and in doing so, keep the level of soluble salts in the soil at levels low enough to ensure good vitality and unspoiled foliage.

A very large % of the problems discussed on this and other container gardening related forums can be traced either directly or indirectly to soil choice and watering habits. If you get the soil right, the rest can be monkey easy.


Here is a link that might be useful: This might be helpful, too ....

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Im willing to bet it is the chemicals in tap water, it happens to my spider plants as well

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