Squash or Melon?

msbumble(z6 NJ)August 20, 2012

This is a volunteer that appeared this summer under my bird feeder. I can't tell whether it's a squash or a melon, immature or ripe. Anyone recognize it?



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The thickness of the stem says squash. It could be a spaghetti type, or just about anything in the Cucurbita pepo species group, which is huge. Orange rind means ripe. You can let it keep going or cut into it, handle like any winter squash.

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msbumble(z6 NJ)

Thank you. I'm glad to have the tip about the thickness of the stem because the leaves and flowers have been so similar on a few of of my plants this year, it's had me guessing.

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Definitely a squash. Looks like an inedible ornamental gourd to me. If it is a volunteer it is likely a cross of who knows what, doesn't look like anything edible though.

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