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keltic_pickleJune 17, 2011

I'm getting ready to sell my gigantic Monstera deliciosa. It's been with me for years (I grew it from a seed) but it's just too enormous now for the space I have it in... (if anyone in the NYC area would like to pick it up, just let me know).

I'd like to put another plant in its place. The plant has been living in a corner right by a north facing window. The room also has some eastern exposure from windows across the room and there is some direct sunlight in the morning.

I'm looking for something tree-like and preferably slow growing. Don't want a corn plant, or any type of Dracaena, as - for some reason - I've never done well with those. Perhaps a Ming Aralia? Something tall, but not too W I D E.


Keltic Pickle

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Keltic. If you can't find a buyer here, maybe you try Ebay or Amazon?

Or, if you have space, have you ever thought about taking cuttings and rooting? You'd be surprised what people pay for Monstera cuttings.

Mings are slow-growing, and when mature, tree shaped, but the question is, is your north window bright enough for an Aralia?

You said you don't do well with Dracaenas? What happenes?
Were Dracaenas in the same north window as your Monstera?

To be honest, the only type of plant that will grow as a standard in a north window, would be Dracaena. If the north is bright. In spite of what store clerks say, Dracaenas can't grow in complete shade. Medium light is best. There are so many beautiful Dracaenas in the world. D. Marginata 'tri-color' is one.

There are some low-light Palm trees.

Light isn't the only issue..there's room temp, dry or humid conditions, etc. Toni

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Hi Toni. Thanks for the response... I did end up cutting the Monstera back and stuck some cuttings in the soil. Hopefully they will root, and I'll be able to continue to enjoy this plant I've had for so long. One question - do you know if new growth will re-emerge from the end of the vine where I cut it?

Re: Dracaenas - I've kept them in very bright rooms with plenty of light, and regardless of what I do re: soil, repotting, light, watering, etc., they all end up withering. I've had great success with many plants - Cordylines, Monstera, philodendrons, euphorbias, etc., etc., and I love the look of Dracaenas, but they don't thrive here. Who knows why? Not I.

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Keltic..You're Welcome...I believe the stem, 'on mom' will produce new growth.
If you have extra cuttings, try rooting some in water.
I just purchased a variegated Monstera's partially rooted, but the seller suggested I keep in water until roots lengthen more than they are.
Besides, I have better luck rooting tropicals in water than soil... :)

Hmm, that's strange about Dracaenas..You know what I think? If you ever happen to end up with a Dracaena in the future, instead of pampering, NEGLECT it..They do best when neglected. Mine are watered whenever I remember. Other than that, unless you've purchased every Dracaenas that died from the same nursery, and they happened to be defective/insects, etc. Other than the reasons given, I don't have an explanation either.

Ironically, there were plants coined, 'easy to grow' that I used to kill...Pothos and Heart-shaped Philodendrons were two. I now neglect and they do fine. lol.

I hope you find a nice plant for your corner. Toni

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Thanks! :o) I did take several cuttings, so yes, I'll try sticking one in water just to see.

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Keltic, please let me know how it works out, Toni

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