Problems with cerodendron thomsoniae blooming

plant_lover_grow(z 8b-9a)June 10, 2010

I bought a clerodendron thomsoniae (Bleeding Heart vine) back in the spring and it has grown quite a bit since I potted it. It isn't showing any sign of blooms, and I am trying to find some tips on ways to encourage blooming.

I don't know if I am doing something wrong, or if it just hasn't gotten big enough yet. From all that I have been able to learn about them, it should be blooming already and they like to be watered and fertilized frequently.

If anyone has any suggestions to encourage blooming, it will be much appreciated


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry Matthew,

It seems not too many folks grow this, or at least not folks who post here.

I too am growing this, indoors in a wicked container & it grows like crazy. I think mine is too young to bloom.

Is yours indoors or out? I'll try to remember to ask for tips from the friend who provided these cuttings. I know he grows his indoors, but not sure he blooms them (tho' I do know he grows some of his plants under lights, I have to ask about this).

Can you go back to the vendor & ask them questions in the meantime?

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elsier(z6 KY)

I grow mine outdoors from about May until October here in KY. It is in partial shade/some sun. It blooms most every year, although it does not grow very quickly, probably due to the fact that I often let it dry out to the point of wilting during the winter inside (not on purpose, I just overlook it).


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Elsie,

When does yours bloom pls? Spring/Summer? I ask after doing some extra reading on these yesterday, which indicated that SOME Clerodendrons bloom in Winter (not the one named in the post tho'). Just curious.

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plant_lover_grow(z 8b-9a)

I just bought the plant this past spring. It was small when purchased, so it is a young plant, although it has grown quite a bit since I potted it. Could it be that it hasn't gotten big enough to bloom?


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elsier(z6 KY)

My plant is from a plant exchange several years ago. It was rather small then and bloomed the first year, I believe.
It usually blooms later in the summer.


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plant_lover_grow(z 8b-9a)

I have the plant in a container setting outside on the front porch. It is getting about 5-6 hours of sun a day. I topped it out to see if that might promote some lower budding that would possibly encourage flowering.

What part of the plant puts the flowers on, the main vine, or the side shoots?


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Sorry, I don't know what part puts out the blooms, I've never bloomed it.

Am guessing yours may be too young to bloom, mine too for that matter. I don't know enough about them to know yet.

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elsier(z6 KY)

As far as I can recall, it blooms at the ends of the branches. The flower is a beautiful contrast between bright white and crimson red.


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I have both the standard and variegated forms and keep them in containers. The variegated one isn't as vigorous. I cut them back and allow them to go dormant in an unheated greenhouse over the winter. You should be getting buds within a few weeks. It can supposedly take partial shade but I don't get flowers unless mine are in full sun. I get clusters of buds at the ends of the branches (main stems and side shoots). I feed it infrequently, maybe 1x/6wks, but it should be fed more often during the growing season.

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I grew mine from a bulb. To be honest I am very surprised it bloomed. I planted it in a container on my deck. Here in WA we've had alot of rain and from my reading it said they don't like wet soil. Found this out after it got rained on for a good month. I figured it was a "goner", but to my suprised it did grow and bloomed!! Mine is in full sun, when we get it!! Ellen

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plant_lover_grow(z 8b-9a)

You must be thinking about a different plant Ellen, Clerodendrons are propagated either by seed, or stem cuttings.

This plant doesn't have a bulb, but thank you for trying to help.

I think that part of the reason I haven't seen much in results in the way of blooms, is that it's a yearling plant and like pirate_girl said, it may be too young to do much blooming.

Although I'm more inclined to the statement that Elsie made, that it might bloom a little later in the year, because I was looking at it this morning, and it looks like I can see a couple of little bracts beginning to come out on the tip of one it's side shoots. So, maybe I'll be getting some blooms on it this year.

Thanks for everyone's input, it helps to hear others experiences with plants, and their successes and failures. It makes a difference in my way of approach when it comes to tending to my plants.


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Thanks Matthew for setting me straight. I goggled it on the net and mine is definetly not a cerodendron! Ellen

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