Describe Houseplants Like David Attenborough Would!

patchyjack(10a)June 14, 2014

This is just for fun!

Here's mine (I decided to write about the plant in its natural habitat):

"An exceptionally rare blue flower which grows only in the mountainous cloud forests of tropical Africa. Here, the days are always twelve hours long, and the temperature never strays far from twenty degrees Celsius.
Clinging to the meagre soil which has gathered in a crack between two towering boulders at the edge of a deep valley, this plant - quite literally - lives life on the edge."

Can anybody tell what it is? It's a really classic houseplant.

I want to hear descriptions from other people too! :D
I can't wait to read what some of you guys come up with!

- Sparkey

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Kind of heard you twanging theTanzinia accent too. You may havey have forgoten to mention it's genus of 6 of 20 species of herbaceous perennial flowering plants finds it's way into many homes sence the 1890's ?. When discovered what was thought to be blue is actually a -------

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------ Violet?

Hey thanks, nomen! I appreciate that.

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AWWW :-( Why did you give the answer away? I was going to say African Violet.

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Sorry! But if you were going to say that anyway, then you still win, right?

OK, now somebody else try writing a description!

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Though the sands of time and evelutinary dust It used to protect it's greens. Forfilled by mines is free protection adding more the spakly dust to cover again it's greens it's only here where they grow as neghbors of a girls best friend.

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Nice one!
I've been stuck on it for two days, but I really have no idea.
What is it?

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