Whi h specie??

garyfla_gw(10 Florida)June 6, 2014

Can anyone identify this Calathea?? Always thought it a maranta but look at the flowers lol thanks gary

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Calathea and Maranta are related (Same family), but are in a different genus. That's indeed a Calathea, but I'm not familiar enough with them to tell you which one (I know, thanks for the help Planto :P ).


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looks like it might be a 'holiday' - they have pink in the 'flowers'.
'maria' also has a similar leaf variegation.
they are related to gingers - so similar 'flowers'. very pretty!

Here is a link that might be useful: good pics of varieties

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Have a google for Calathea Bicajoux

Here is a link that might be useful: example

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garyfla_gw(10 Florida)

Looks a lot like C. maria ?? This is the first year it has flowered Note on that site they don't particularly define Calathea from maranta , Actually the flowers are very different . They do resemble the so called Peacock gingers but they are winter dormant while calatheas are evergreen at least in my experience
have another that I've had for many years and the striking feature is that it grows over 20 feet !! Has two toned pattened green leaves I moved it out to the garden this winter and divided it up so leaves are under 3 feet so far. Has never flowered Will try to get a pic of it
thanks for the help !! gary

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paul_(z5 MI)

Quite a lovely flower/inflorescence!

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well, maranta's are more of a vining ground cover and smaller leaves too. perhaps your 20' one is maranta?
i am very curious - do you keep them out in winter until a certain low temp?
evergreen - that's great! but don't the older leaves of your calatea decline by spring?
or right when new growth starts (whenever that time is?)
do you keep it in totally shaded position or in dappled sun-light? or in diff positions winter/summer?
i love them, but for me they are too large to keep indoors.
i understand they grow fairly slow, but outdoors it's always faster then indoors. how many leaves do you get in lets say 3-4 mo of good growth outdoors?

Here is a link that might be useful: 3 maranta's on same site

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