Hollow Heart Potatoes

peter_6August 27, 2008

Several of my best potatoes have hollow heart. I think I know the cause: too much rain in spring and early summer. But my question to keen potato growers is: is there anything I can do in preparing the soil or during the growing season next year to prevent hollow heart? Regards, Peter.

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Not a whole lot unless you irrigate. It is a physiological problem caused by wide fluctuation in growth. Usually rain flowed by drought followed by rain. The tubers start stop and start again in spurts. Too much soluble nitrogen a a given point in time can also contribute. The potatoes need to grow steadily, anything which causes growth spurts can cause it.

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Thank you farmerdilla, that helps. Regards, Peter.

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My potatoes have this same problem this year, and I wonder how well they will store. Must I use up all of them in short order, or can I plan to keep them for several months, as I did last year's crop? I hope you're still reading this, farmerdilla! Thanks.

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Since you cannot tell from the outside, there is no need to worry about it. You will find it in both store bought cooking potatoes as well as store bought seed potatoes. They usually keep, but sometimes a fungus will grow in the cavity. It is a very minor problem compared to the major problems with Irish potato tubers.

Here is a link that might be useful: Potato Tuber problems

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