Plant discoloration

gardenclueless87June 11, 2014

Hi, I have an indoor plant that has started to lose it's color and look like its unhealthy (see picture). I'm not sure what type of plant it is. We also have centipedes in the mud. Could someone help me out here? Would greatly appreciate it!

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It's a Pachira, AKA 'Money Tree.' For some reason, your picture is showing up sideways on my computer, so I hope you don't mind me flipping it.

I cannot tell you how to care for it or what's going on with yours (I don't grow these), but someone else will chime in, so don't worry!


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This is a money tree (Pachira aquatica). To me, it looks like it's not getting sufficient light. Money trees love lots of light, so moving it to a brighter location will help. Preferably a south-facing window, but an east or west window would do just fine too.

"We also have centipedes in the mud."? In the mud?
Is it in the soil that it came with when you bought it, or did you repot it? If so, which type of soil did you use? Hopefully not mud. Money trees love soil that is fast-draining and doesn't hold onto a lot of moisture. Their roots love to be watered thoroughly, but they also need access to fresh air as well. Or else they'll quickly rot. I use the Miracle Gro soil for Cactus & Succulents. Other members on here use a more grittier mix.

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Lots of things can cause yellow leaves.
Do you ever give fertiliser to your plant? It might be nitrogen deficient if you don't.

Tommy, I thought Pachira Aquatica was a bog/swamp plant!

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The scientific name for money trees is Pachira aquatica, and in their native environment, they do grow in the wetlands of Central & South America.

I would still confidently say that this looks like an insufficient light problem. I rarely fertilize mine, and it grows fine without any problems. Money trees love lots of light. I grow mine outdoors in full sunlight, just to give you an example of how much light they can tolerate. But if you want to place them outdoors, you'll have to do it slowly, keeping them shaded at first. Giving them time to adjust to the brighter light, or their leaves could get sunburned. When grown indoors, they prefer bright, sunny windows.

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