Chinese Evergreen

scsva(7/VA)June 27, 2011

Chinese Evergreen fans,

Tell me about this plant. My books say that it is a slow grower. Can you tell me how you care for your plant? I don't especially like slow growers but think these are nice looking plants.

Thanks all,


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That book's author didn't traveled to tropics for
lovely plant and not a slow grower, once established it fills the pot with suckers... moderate light, no direct sun, not fussy about soil type and fertilization.. loves humidity, doesn't like strong air movement.. the Thai bred hybrids are slower..

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I have a couple of aglaonema's. Just recently the leaves began to brown. Maybe they were getting too much light so I moved them to a lower light area. Or it may have been too hot. Perhaps I overwatered. You guys can be the judge later today. That should give Susan even more info. :)

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Hi Susan. Slow opposed to fast-growing..Depends on your outlook.
Aglao's don't grow as quickly as weeds, lol, but speedier than some Cactus/Fat Plants.

They send out new leaves once daylight increases, go semi-dormant in autumn/ least in cold-climates when sun is 'asleep' and air, dry.
Around Feb/Mar foliage spurts, colors deepen..

IMO, they slow down after flowering in autumn. Second, it depends on species.

Izhar, I'm sure you're right, but plants growing outdoors, in-ground, year round differs from container plants.
Ex. trees grown in containers never get as large as they would planted in-ground, nor as fast.
How I wish I could visit a tropical paradise before going to heaven. the brown crispy or soft? I doubt leaves would brown 'crispy' if over-watered. On the contrary. Toni

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Toni, I also grew them in small pots under fluorescent lights, but I think its the warm temperature here which speeds up their growth..

Moonie, they can stand with wet feet for weeks!! so in my opinion it is the direct sun which burned the leaves.. I rooted a cutting in my fish tank and it was planted several months after growing well in the aquarium water (only the roots were in water)

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birdsnblooms're so lucky living in zone 11. Maybe I ask where you're located? If you don't want to answer, I understand.
Yes, heat speeds up germination. We have to use heating devices for that purpose.

Do Aglaos grow outdoors, in the ground? Year round? Toni

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Toni 'm in Karachi,Pakistan... I guess many people know about Pakistan after the unfortunate 9/11 incident.

Yes Aglaos can grow outside here, year round..but the colorful Thai varieties are not that strong and are very cold sensitive..

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dellis326 (Danny)

Here is an interesting document I found on the International aroid Society's website;

Success With Your Aglaonemas Indoors
By Gary Antosh

Here is a link that might be useful: Success With Your Aglaonemas

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Dellis,

Thanks for the link, made for some interesting reading.

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birdsnblooms there's beautiful plants there..
'Most people know Pakastan, Italy, England, Peru, Canada, Mexico, USA and numerous other countries before the dreadful 9/11.'

Izhar, would you happen to have pics of Thai Aglaos? If so, will you please post them?
Aglaos are one of my favorite plants. Most I have came from Thailand. Especially colorful reds/pinks. They're beautiful!

Danny, interesting link. I didn't read the entire site..The author is right about fertilizer, if proper soils containing nutrients are used..
Some of my fertilizers do not contain Urea 'Nitrogen'..Plants that are fertilized without Urea hasn't salt issues, including the white crud around container rims.
It's a little more $, but worth it. Toni

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Thanks for the link.

I only have the Emerald Beauty and Silver Queen.


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