overwatered asparagus plumosa

plumosaJune 15, 2008

Hello. I'm new to the forum and chose it because it seems active.

My problem is that my overzealous boyfriend has overwatered my asparagus plumosa, kept as an indoor potted plant for over 20 years. I love this plant and want to save it. The pot its in doesn't allow for drainage, so I made some holes near the bottom to drain out the excess water. This water smelled rancid so I followed by trying to flush it out a bit with fresh water. The water that drained out smelled better and now I'm hoping to let the poor thing dry out to normal.

The plant is having a massive die-off of leaves and some stems. Should I repot it or leave it be?

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Once the root tips have rotted, the plant can't absorb water. This is what has happened to your Asparagus fern. I'd be tempted to cut off as much of the damaged root system as needed...at least until you cut into healthy, white roots. If you cut sharply, rather than mash the root system, new roots will re-grow very quickly.

It might be too late for your plant, but you really can't lose anything by trying. You might even give it a chance to recover.

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