Jason's Billboard picture

PurplemoonJuly 26, 2008

Well, I made it to see that Billboard the Fire Dept did of Jason (and a local news anchor lady). Of course I thought it was wonderful.......LOL. Took photos and wanted to share with you.

hugs, Karen

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I know you are just beaming with pride. What a neat billboard! You can never remind people enough about pool/water safety....IT just takes a second....
Have a blessed Sunday!

Love, Jules

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Oh, Purplemoon! Thanks for sharing! It is always so wonderful to see the success of our kids...and especially when they GIVE so much of themselves! Great pic!

Even here in Iowa (the land of "few" pools), we lose kids and so this is a wonderful reminder for all! Jeanne S.
(Thanks for the "warm fuzzy" you shared today!)

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Dear Sweet, Precious Karen:
Thank You so very very Much for sharing the picture of
the Fantastic Billboard that Jason is taking part in.
I am just so thrilled to see the WONDERFUL ways that
God is using Jason to REACH OUT & TOUCH & HELP OTHERS! ! !
Through Jason Tragedy & Painful Experience, His True
Character is Shinning Brightly ! ! !
This Opportunity that he is taking to
HELP, ENCOURAGE others to never give up.....
KEEP on Keeping On ! ! !
& Still Fulfilling his job of being a Police Officer
and REMINDING OTHERS>>> S A F E T Y 1st !!!!!!!!!
S T O P & THINK>>>>'
Many people are so busy having fun.... they
forget about SAFETY ! ! !
Please tell Jason that we all appreciate
A JOB WELL DONE>>> ! ! !
God Bless Ms Karen, Thank you for being such a fine
Woman of Integrity and raising a Son who is willing to
put his life on the line for our country to make it
a safe place!
Proud to Know YOU & Your WONDERFUL SON ! ! !
Your Friend & Buddy
L@@K at the difference in the World a
TRUE ROLE MODEL Like Jason makes ! ! ! ( Yea ! ! !

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use2bcapecodr(z5 OH)

Oh, Karen, this is wonderful!

How very proud you must be of the outstanding young man you raised so well!

God bless Jason for the wonderful work he does to help others!


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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

Each year in Florida kids die of drowning and being left in hot cars.
We have an alarm system on our house.this weekend we kept our grandsons 2 yrs and 5 years. Early Saturday AM we were awakened by the alarm blaring. I ran to check on the kids only to find the two year old half way out the kitchen window.
The reason I am thankful? I have two ponds and a creek behind my house.

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Oh my gosh, goldenpond, how scary!! That alarm system is priceless to have with little ones around. People just don't realize how "capable" a 2 yr old especially can be at things. A news story here once tried to drive that point home. First a video camera was set up near the pool. Then the 2 yr old thought his parents were gone and the 'babysitter' asked him to get a toy out back. The parents were hiding inside watching on video. The pool was child-fenced, the gate locked, the key kept on patio but up high where only an adult could get it. Same with the actual lock on the pool gate. So the two year old goes out back, sees the toy INSIDE the pool fence. He immediately drags a patio chair to where the key is, climbs up and gets it, drags the chair to the gate, climbs up and unlocks it, and goes into the pool area. His parents were STUNNED to say the least. And I think this story probably impressed a lot of parents around town. (sadly we just had a 2 yr old girl drown last night while her parents inside and she was out of sight for only 5 minutes, and supposedly in her room.) Some of the little ones crawl out dog doors if they can't open a door.

My 3 little grandkids (4,5, and 6) all can swim like fish but their folks are still take all the precautions. The 5 yr old is Jason's in fact. He's totally fearless around water and has been swimming GOOD since he was just 2. But
he's not allowed in the pool area without an adult. Last year at a pool party at Jason's, lots of friends and kids
IN the pool, one little 4 yr old went under (he slipped out of his life vest). But with so many around, and the pool is huge, NO one noticed but Jason's 7 yr old. Zane immediately dove down and pulled Dylan up and then was yelling for help for him. Luckily there was no need for CPR and Dylan was just scared, tho his parents were MORE scared. So its easy to see how just a few minutes can make such a tragedy happen no matter what.
Three of the guys in the pool with the kids are cops, including Dylan's dad. They deal with child drowning calls.
This shook everyone up, and of course little Zane was a "hero" and he was pretty proud of himself. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Wow >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Golden Pond.... that is a
............. WONDERFUL ALARM ! ! ! GOOD THINKING !!!!
I'm glad it is installed and a happy ending !!!!!
* * * *
Ms Karen: that is quite a Happy Story also...
I'll tell you when we bought our home....
they had an above ground pool....
We made them take it out... It was beautiful
with deck and Tons of Sand and FLOWERS and you
know it would have been nice...
BUT >>>>> We have the toddler grand child....
Could Not take a risk....
& the neighbors... also have above ground...
with out the deck.... with only a ladder...
BUT we built an 8 ft fence...
like the story goes....
KIDS F I N D A WAY >>>>>>>>>>> they are very smart
They can FIGURE out a way to
Get what they want.....

I am soooooooooooo proud of Jason for
being a huge part of this program....

SECONDS count.....
NOTE>>>>>>>>>>> My Grand Child has figured out;
how to unlock the deadbolt... and the Chain LOCK>>.
and right outside is the
DRIVE WAY>>> and busy STREET>..
************************* TOMORROW>>>>>>>
Installing New LOCK system to the front.... door...
Tons of
Children are run down by cars in their own driveway..
What a tragedy.............

W A T C H OUT FOR THEM ! ! !   
Work GJ's   
Life IS Truly worth the Extra Work !!!!   
God Bless !   
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Great billboard, Karen! I can imagine you beaming with pride over Jason's picture and how much he is helping the community. Gosh, I'm beaming with pride just having a connection to you! lol!

Kids are incredibly innovative little rascals. I always cringe when I see little kids walking or running around in parking lots without a parent's hand at the end of their arms. They can be little monkeys when it comes to climbing too. They can easily get on top of tables, chairs, stools ... or like my brother did when he was a kid - a big fire truck on top of a chair! Needless to say, it slid out from under him and he needed stitches in his noggin'. But then he was the same goofy kid who drank a can of =used= motor oil and thought worms were spaghetti!

It only takes a minute for those little rascals to get hurt or killed!

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Congrats to your son Karen. What a great ad too!

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Karen: thanks for sharing your pride & joy with us. Jason & his family are real "troopers". He wouldn't be the man he is today if it hadn't been for a wonderful Mommy. You are truly blessed.

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Wonderful billboard!!

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goldenpond((Vero.Beach FL 9b))

I think after another experience that talking and training kids water safety is so important. The last home I owned had a pool.My daughter had just divorced and came back to live with us with her son who was then about 5. My daughter is quite pretty so every guy was warming up to Ethan and trying to woo her.They all insisted he needed a MAN around so they would come over and end up in the pool rough housing with Ethan. AND I do mean rough. I am not a good swimmer. I never would swim without an another adult around but one day it was soooo hot.No one else was around so i put Ethans water wings on and said you stay in the shallow end and grandma is going to do laps(pathetic dog paddles but excercise nonetheless) Ethan was playing and I was going back and forth trying to build strength but finally wearing down when Ethan with a big grin on his face jumped on my head and held me down. I gasped for air and yelled "No Im drowning!" but down I went again.Frightened, gasping and flailing my head popped up as but there was Ethan, laughing at the so called fun he was having with his grandma. I knew I couldnt last much longer as again he jumped on my head once more; just as all those Big buff guys had let him to to them. I barely came up and new it was my last chance for air and shreiked as loud as I could. My hubby JUST happened to pull in the drive and hear the shreik out back and came running.Whew. I imagined what it would be like for him if he had killed his grandma as I gasped on the edge of the pool. I later said to Ethan "You know you almost drowned me."
snickering he said "I know"
Finally I got it."Ethan ,do you know what drowning means?"
Again smiling he said "yep its when I make your head go under water" When I said that drowning meant you can die he was quite puzzled.Apparently they called the little game drowning so he had no idea you could never come back up.
I only recently reminded him of this story as he is now 10.
We don't have a pool at this house but ponds and creeks to fish and peddle boat.
I always tell the little grandkids there is danger around water. My older son said he took them to the beach and they wouldnt go in with him because it was dange-a -RUST!

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Golden, what a near-tragedy you experienced, and one that would have left a little child scarred for life I think.
Just gave me chills thinking what could have happened to you.

hugs, Karen

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dirt_yfingernails(z3-4 MN)

My son, now 22, was an escape artist. Luckily I was a light sleeper. He used to escape outside when it was below zero wearing just his jammies. I installed a doorhook way up high and it took him about 30 seconds to grab the broom handle and open it. Same with safety latches on the cabinets. When I tried to put the safety covers over the electric outlets, I caught him trying to pry them out with a fork. I had to keep an eye on him every second. Even had to take him in the bathroom with me, but he quickly learned how to unlock the door and escape. Once he climbed to the top of the linen closet and hid under a pile of blankets. I found him only when he started to softly giggle. Didn't know whether to hug him or smack him. Another time he hid in the dryer. Kids can certainly be resourceful.

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Good Heavens, dirt, what a challenging youngster. Now he's 22, do you tell him how lucky he is to have made it? LOL.
Bet you could have strangled him a few times yourself. I also bet you got some grey hair very early in Life.

What a story tho, made me laugh as well as feel tons of sympathy for you. If my first son had been like that, he'd have been an ONLY child for sure. LOL. His sister came along 5 yrs later, and then Jason 4 yrs after her.

hugs, Karen

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