Air Plant

mamabear(z5b MI)June 17, 2014

Should I water or Wash my Air plant?
Although it did Bloom, Looking kinda Dry.
Or are they to Look like that?
It's maybe 2"

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Nice plant you got there! It looks good, but yeah, maybe a little dry.

I water mine by soaking them in the bathroom sink for about an hour when they look dry. This should be around once every one to two weeks.

There's something that strikes me about this picture, though...
Is your air plant... well, planted?
Air plants don't naturally grow in soil (in the wild, they stick themselves onto trees, rocks, roofs, powerlines - you name it!) and planting them can cause them to get rot.
Just as in the wild, you can attach them to all sorts of interesting items, or just put them on your shelf or desk as they are. It seems weird, but there's no need for soil of any kind.
I grow my air plants either bare or glued to suction cups!

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mamabear(z5b MI)

I got it sitting in a small Air fresher Vase. Not in use anymore.
No Soil Or Water. I had them for 2 months so I will soak them as Suggested. I kinda thought I should bath it, Good to ask first. Thanks

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