New Croton Leaves Yellowish

dbohJune 19, 2013

They're also a bit misshaped and are getting a rusty-ish pigmentation on their undersides. Does anyone know what this means, and if it's something not good, would cutting the stem back to the next set of leaves permanently ruin the look of the plant?


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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hard to say w/out a pic as Croton leaves are variable as to both shape & color. Really can't say w/out seeing what it looks like.

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Dboh..Crotons are prone to spider mites, but as Pirate Girl stated, it's hard to tell without a picture.

Check thoroughly for fine webbing between stems and underneath leaves.

Mites suck foliage, so leaves look pale and deformed.
I hope mites aren't the problem, but if they have found a home on your Croton, it's best to treat ASAP.

Hey Pirate Girl... Toni

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cowgurl160(4 SD)

Have you recently changed the light/conditions your croton is in? Mine had some misshapen leaves from last summer when I put it out in a lot of sun. And if its getting too much light it could be getting sunburn which could explain the coloring. A picture would help to determine what it is for sure.

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Thanks for the replies.

Lousy camera and lighting conditions, but hopefully this picture will give you an idea of both the leaf shape and discoloration. The set of leaves are about a month old.

I did have an issue with spider mites. Noticed some webbing on another plant, whisked it away to another room. Sprayed all my plants when I noticed some small crawling things on this croton as well. I haven't seen any critters or webs since I sprayed a couple of weeks ago.

I was getting ready to take a stem cutting. Would I be able to lop off these leaves and go ahead with the cutting or not?

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