My diffenbachia

a1pha_fema1e(4)June 30, 2013

I downsized the pot my diffenbachia was in, it was in a HUGE pot cause it had toppled over into a U shape and it was so weak that I didn't want to cut it. So I put it in a big pot and let the bottom of the U in the soil. A few months later I lifted it up and there were new roots :D So I cut it but then it wasn't as happy. After browsing this forum I learned the pot was too big and the MG soil wasn't the best. I still had to use MG soil, but downsized the pot so it wouldn't take so long to drain. And really, the roots on even the original stem were pretty small.

So we'll see how it likes that. Also, should I chop the stem back more? How long does it take for a new one to start? I've done it before but it was so long ago that I don't remember how long it took. Thanks!

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dellis326 (Danny)

They grow along the ground once they get some weight to them. Mine, which is currently about nine feet tall with a 1-1/4" thick stem is tied to a stick to hold it up. otherwise it snakes along the floor. I've seen them growing as weeds like this too in Costa Rica. Your pot and soil had nothing to do with it.

You might see new grow in a couple of weeks. Chopping it up will give you more stems to play with but otherwise it won't make a difference.

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Really? I had no idea, the original ones I had grew straight up with nice thick stems. But then I got sick and barely took care of them for a long time. This was the only survivor.

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