Lipstick plant?

Will07(5)June 24, 2013

Can anyone confirm that this is in fact a lipstick plant?

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grrr4200(z3 MI)

looks like some sort of a columnea or a goldfish plant.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

I'd suggest yes, it IS a lipstick plant.

If you Search for that name & then isolate the Search to Images, you'll see matching pix as I just did.

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I think this may be a nematanthus because of the pouchy looking flower. You might post it on the Gesneriads forum for a definite id.

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It does look like a goldfish/nematanthus plant, I use to have one, but the blooms where stripped. I see them all the time for sale. The lipstick plants I have blooms several flowers together at the end of the branches and have these tube shaped things where long tube shaped blooms come out of...but that was just one of my plants, I'm not sure if all lipstick plants bloom like that. And Goldfish plants get blooms all along the branches one at a time and the blooms are pouchy looking.

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My Lipstick Plant, Aeschynanthus everardii, has flowers at the ends of the stems. My understanding is that they all do.

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This is one of the reasons I very much dislike the names Lipstick Plant, Goldfish Plant and Guppy Plant. These names are used interchangeably with aeschynanthus columnea and nematanthus respectively. The problem comes when people don't use that convention. I've bought columneas that were labeled as a Lipstick Plant when convention is that a Lipstick Plant is an aeschynanthus. I have seen columneas and nematanthus both labeled as goldfish plants. This is why am so much in favor of using Latin names when referring to plants. This is a specially true when it comes to these three species of plants in the Gesneriad family.


I really believe that your plant is a nematanthus. If I had to guess it would be Nematanthus 'Bijou'. Don't quote me on it, but I think it's either that hybrid or a hybrid very close to it.


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