spider mites on house plants

rosessecretgardenJune 9, 2010

hey all!

Can anyone please please tell me some nicer, easier and natural kind of way to get rid of these spider mites from your house plants?

I am just tired and sick of these :'(

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Spider mites on house plants are fairly easy to control by using a strong blast using your kitchen sink sprayer of nothing more than water. Make sure you spray both the top and bottom of every single leaf as well as all visible parts of the plant. The mites don't move quickly but are far more active in the summer. Generally, once they find a plant with a good "taste" they stay.

Once you have sprayed every leaf, check with a good magnifying glass to see if any can still be seen. Then use an insecticidal soap to help control the infection. However, the soap will not kill eggs so you will need to keep repeating the process at least every other day until the mites completely vanish.

Commonly you can see either the red mites or the two spotted mites but the second is a bit harder to see so use a good glass.

The soap will do no harm to your plants but the process must be repeated until the infection is completely under control.

If you have a really bad infection there are predator mites you can purchase online that will destroy the spider mites. be careful of over the counter products since some can do more harm than good.


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What kind of plants are they attacking?


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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Are your plants inside all of the time, or summering outdoors?

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Ok Rhizzo...I hope I don't sound stupid for asking this..

But what is to stop the mites from coming in the home with doors and widows open, and then no beneficials to rid them if not outdoors?

I use to NEVER put mine outdoors, and got mites in winter that carried right through the summer in the past..

Thank you..


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Thanks Steve your solution was just Perfect for me. I guess becoz my problem was not that bad :) That spray and soap idea seems to be working on my plants.
well guys i am thankful to you too for showing interest.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

It is ever so easy for the mites to gain access to the inside. I asked my question because coming up with good solutions for you might be easier if the plants were outside, rather than inside.

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no my plants were definitely inside.

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