Watermelon leaves

Steve349August 12, 2014

Can anyone tell me what could be wrong with the leaves on my watermelons. They are turning from nice green to yellow, get brown spots on them and finially dry up. Any ideas??

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

Steve, What is the overall situation? Have the plants set melons or ripened melons ye? . As the plants get older, many of the leaves get less perky looking and a few center leaves might yellow.

Some watermelons stay perky and set on a second set of fruits. Some plants do not. Some even die down a lot and then come back to life with new leaves, runners, and fruits.

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

That's old leaves that are nitrogen deficient. Depending on your soil and growing situation, watermelon might need in-season nitrogen applications.

My soil is very permeable and nitrogen leaches right out. I can keep the same plants growing and producing from March to October. But it requires small frequent nitrogen applications all summer. The plants only keep producing if they keep growing. Like usual I have 20+ft long runners this time of yr.

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Wayne, fruit is set and most melons picked. I found this on one of the dead vines..is this spider mites?

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fruitnut Z7 4500ft SW TX

Don't know what that is but most certainly not spider mites.

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There seems to be consistent brownish spiral lesion on the leaves first before the leaves turn yellowish and wilts away.

Any clue ??

Tried fungicide and insecticide, yet the disease seems to spread.

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Steve349, I've never seen those bumps before but I want to hear what it is so I hope someone else chimes in.

James416, your problem is entirely different. Next time please post in a new thread so that people know to respond to your issue and not Steve's. The damage you have pictured is classic leaf miner damage, not too much you can do about it but you can google the pest and come up with more information about it, at least.

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Ok, those bumpy looking things are actually fruiting spores for a disease called Southern Blight. Its soil born. So I will be solarizing my patch next year. I removed the spores into a bag and burned it.

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