What can I grow in my office cubicle?

eekimJune 1, 2010

My cubicle has fluorescent lighting only and there is no direct sunlight. What can I grow or keep in those conditions? I also need it to go maybe up to a week without water because I'm not always at the office.

Another consideration is that doesn't flower to be considerate of co-workers who have allergies.

Would snake plant and aloe vera do well? From what I can find, snake plants are nearly indestructible aside from over watering which leads me to think it would be fine. I'm not sure about the aloe though.

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Pothos do great in offices and will vine around everybodys cubicles if you let it.
Some other low light plants:
cast iron plant
zz Zamioculcas Zamiifolia plant (water once a month or longer)
chinese evergreen
lucky bamboo
corn plant Dracaena fragrans 'Massangeana' might do ok depending on where the nearest window is.

Aloe vera plant would need more light I believe.

Thank you for being considerate of those that have allergies...most people I've worked with aren't. Some colognes actually cause me nasal pain and burn.
Be aware that the soil doesn't grow mold etc also.

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

Some Sansevieria will survive under the conditions you describe for many years. Select a good looking specimen as it might not change much over the years. I had one for thirteen years under common office fluorescents. It didn't do much. Just sat there mostly with an occasional new leaf. I 'watered' it with stale coffee at the end of the day. After I retired I put the plant in a 'normal' environment and it began to thrive, put off pups and the like.

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I've had luck with a spider plant. In fact, the spider plant does better at work under fluorescent lighting than it did at home. Baby spider plants are starting to grow on it.

I also had luck with a Pothos. Eekim is right they do vine everywhere though.

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I definitely want a Sansevieria of some sort, but I'm not sure what else. ZZ and Spider plant look interesting. I shall have to visit the nursery this weekend. I'll probably get two plants in 6" or smaller pots.

Part of the reasoning for the plants is for decoration, and also to grow my own fresh air.

Initially considered Spathiphyllum because I like the foliage but didn't like the idea of it possibly flowering and releasing pollen.

What would cause the soil to grow mold?

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Overwatering can cause the soil to grow mold or even bad soil that has mold spores in it.
Hopefully when you are gone no one else waters them...or dumps coffee or anything...other employee think they are helping you.

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I have ZZ Plant and it's Amazing. You can water once per week or even less. It loves light and it will grow in low light too. It's probably the easiest plant to grow.

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