nonacook(8bFL)August 25, 2009

Cait, my seeds came today!!!

I won't be planting them right away, because in a

couple of weeks I will be going to Indiana for at least

6 weeks and there won't be anyone here to take care

of them.

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Got excited and hit the submit button before I
finished! LOL I put them in a jar in the fridge
like I do most seeds.
Thank you so much for sending them!

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Cait I got my seeds. Got freckles sown away in some nice fresh potting soil. Does the freckles need support? Also is the salvia a perrenial or annual? I was a bad bad girl and posted over on discussions. Sorry for slipping up


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Speaking of SEEDS, you know Cait, I really still need to get those Salvia seeds for you (If I can be real sneaky). I don;t even know IF there are seeds left...the dried plants are still there.....Hummmm. Let me see.
Love, Jules

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Thank you, Nona, for the email telling me about this thread.

Since I started demolishing the kitchen, I've been a bit too tired to do anything more than look to see what people are making on the Discussion side.

Have fun in Indiana!!

Kat - The seeds I sent are perennial. Tho I don't really remember what I sent you, but I know it's a perennial.

Jules - WHAT SALVIA SEEDS??? I really have no brain as I don't even remember you offereing me seeds or me asking you for seeds. Now I am REALLY intrigued! HAHAHA I'm also a bit punchy from tiredness HAHAHA Since I started the reno I go to bed early (for me) but I get up real early (for me) so my internal clock is waaay off and by 10 at night I'm falling asleep on the couch! Anyway, I'm ramblin'... let me know what the seeds are and YES!! I would love some Salvia seeds. Don't worry about sending them, just make no mention on the envelope. I actually bought some seeds off ebay from America and the seller put 'gift' on the envelope - they send the seed in a small manila bubble envelopes so as not to squish the seeds. I got the coolest looking plants. One is an annual (darn - hope it self sows) grass called Hare's Tails and the other is another cool looking grass called Curls of Love, the latin is juncus filiformis. Since it likes water I thought it would look great in my ponds. The seeds are the size of specks of dirt. I really hope I can get a plant out of both these beauties.

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Hi Cait,
Well, remember last spring when I took photos of wildflowers. You had asked if I could get some seeds for you.....well I remembered that. I couldn't get those particular ones but there were some growing at the Prime Desert Woodlands (up about a mile down the road from me)...well, I didn't have the heart since they were on the Preserve....but I did find them online..the Theodore Payne Foundation that deals only in California natives....I got some for me because I had liked them as well. Since my space is limited at my home here I may try plating them up at our land in Caliente and see what happens. (I had sent you an email this morning as well)...and BTW, I LOVE what you have done to your yard!!! A wonderful transformation! All that brick too is backbreaking work! Here's a link to a photo of the plant....
Love, Jules

Here is a link that might be useful:

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chiggerhaven(7a cherokee,GA)

I am still lurking, all these years. I am so glad this Garden Junk is still here. All of you have kept me going. I want to make some vine balls, wisteria, muscadine, and kudzu, small ones, like grapefruit; what is an easy way to do this??Thank you , and I have tried the free hand , they are a little lumpy. Thank you all, and GOD bless!!

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jeannespines need to post your request over on the "conversations" side...not many will see it here under "cait- seeds." Good luck with your projects! Jeanne S.

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