How many 'Kathy's' do you know ?

toomuchglass(5)August 27, 2009

I'm having a good laugh at this !

Recently , I've only known 2 Kathy's - and they are both my pals here !

Now I've met more ---

2 Kathy's from Craig's List ....

my best friend knows 2 Kathys besides me ....

I met 2 Kathy's at the farmers market ....

I worked with 2 Kathy's besides me ...

and one Kathy at a rummage sale ....

I'm just amazed because growing up - I never knew another Kathy !

My real name is Kathleen .... Alot of "Catherine's" go by Kathy ,too ..... but just about all these gals I met are Kathleen . I just had to ask .... It's little things like this that make me laugh ~~~ How many more Kathy's that you know are out there ?

PS \- the popular name in my family is Chris \- if we had a get together & you yelled out "Hey Chris " \-\- a whole bunch of heads would turn ! :\-)
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My cousin is a Kathleen, went by Kathy for long time, now by Kath ,2 Kathy's at church & 1 that went to Craft Club & was a good friend but has passed on now. She was Cathy so maybe that doesn't count! So that is 4 I guess! Jan

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2 Kathleen-Kathys (my cousins) and 2 Cathys.

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I am a Kathleen, go by Kathy or Kat. I work with a Kathy and have a e-mail friend named Cathy.


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My best bud is Kathi, my sister-in-law is Cathy, I worked with a Cathy, the Cathys here and I always loved my "Chatty Cathy"

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Egads! Who doesn't know a Kathy/Cathy? One of my old bosses used to laugh every time he heard me tell someone on the phone that I am a Kathy with a K and a Y. I remember in one high school class, there were 3 Kathys and we all sat diagonally from one another. So the teacher would look in one direction and call on Kathy. All 3 of us would answer. I don't think I ever worked anywhere where there wasn't at least 1 other Kathy around.
Btw, my real name is Kathleen too!

My boyfriend Bob (another horribly common name) knows 3 Lindas. One is his sister, one his late wife and one is his friend's girlfriend. Half the time when he talks about a Linda, I have no idea who he is talking about!

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LOL...however many there are on HERE.

hugs, Karen

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The replies just cracked me up !!!! You all made my day .
I guess there's more Kathy's than I thought !!!
I'll now - consider myself -- ordinary !

heheheeheh !!

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I was just wondering how many were named Kathleen for Kathleen Hepburn!! I didn't count the "Kathy's" on here as there are many! Oh, song "Take me Home Kathleen" I have no idea who I was named after. My dad was named after a box of chocolates- as they said he was so "sweet" neighbor had brought over the chocolates! Jan

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Nope, I wasn't named after Kathleen or Kathryn Hepburn. he-he I have no idea where my mother got my name from. No one in my family is named Kathy, Kate, Kay, Kathleen or Kathyrn either.

I was at an optical store the other night getting an eye exam. One of the women working there was named Cathy. She was looking up my information on the computer and said, "Great name but you spelled it wrong." he-he I said I could say the same for her.

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My grandmother was Helen Catherine. My mother switched the names around and changed Catherinr to Kathleen.


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amesly(8 B.C.)

My husband's boss is Kathy, receptionist at work was Cathy, a Kathy volunteers at my husband's work, my husband's Aunt Kathy, friend's wife Kathy.

I know more Jens than any other name, except *maybe* Chris or Michael/Mike.

I know only one other Amy though, and we work together. :)

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treasureforu(NC 7)

We just ate dinner with Cathy, our next door neighbor. My husbands grandmother was Katherine or Kat. I have a cousin that uses Katherine. Our dog is Kate. Do any of those Cathy sort of names count?

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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

Kathy - toomuchglass
Kat - katishooked
Kathy - lunallenafeliz
Kathy - concreteprimroses
Kathy - tasymo

I'm sure there's more, but those are the ones I know, all from HERE lol. ~tenderlee

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