Help with money tree - or is it too late?

willzzzzzzzzJune 22, 2011


This is the first time I have taken care of any plants, and I either am screwing it up or already have... My boss left me with his money tree a couple of months ago and it has been slowly going down hill. To try and fix the situation, I originally tried more miracle grow and more water... I also tried replanting it in a larger pot with a miracle grow soil.

After some reading, I realized that it could be just the opposite and that I have been over watering it, so I have tried waiting for the soil to dry before adding water.

At this point, I am lost and need some direction... I would like to revive the plant if possible, but I understand if it is too late.

I am going to try and see if I can link some photos of it below:

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I think it can almost be salvaged....judging by the green color left in the stems.
Without being able to examine the plant in person, however, I can't say with any real certainty.

Are the trunks firm at the soil line, or are they soft?

Where do you have the tree? Indoors or out? What is the sun exposure?

Miracle Grow potting soil is terrible for long-term plantings, especially indoors.

I recommend a re-potting, using a free-draining mix. In a pinch, you could use an Orchid Mix -
as long as it has a good amount of bark. After re-potting, I would site the tree in a
protected outdoor location where it receives dappled (not direct) sunlight. Two weeks later,
I would fertilize with a 1/4 strength dose.


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I agree with Josh. It looks like it can be revived as from the picture, there seems to be life left. It will be a fun challenge!


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Hey Josh and Susan..

Will, aside from the questions Josh asked, did you recently place your tree outside?

Find a decent pot, '1-2" larger than the rootball,' use a well-draining soil, water thoroughly, then let be.

Do not re-water until soil is crumbly dry. Insert a stick/stake deep in the soil to check. If the stick comes out wet, wait a few days, and retest. In other words, don't keep soil constantly wet.

Your Pachira has quite a bit of green, so it's alive. For the time being, refrain from fertliziling. If your tree is outdoors, place in a semi-shady spot. 'especially, if it was recently brought out.

MG is fine, but should be amended with Perlite. I use MG, but add coarse sand, and tiny stones, 'smaller than Pea Gravel,' for better drainage.

Your Money Tree needs a chance to adapt. If it's being repotted in larger, smaller, more water, less water, more and less fertilizer, there's going to be problems. That's the reason I said, let it be. Toni

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hey, Susan and Toni ;)

For the love of your Pachira, please don't use Miracle Grow soil ;-)
Try and avoid peat moss. Peat holds too much moisture for too long when wet,
and it is also incredibly hydrophobic when dry - making proper watering very difficult.
Peat moss is also a pre-collapsed particle, so it has no structure to contribute to drainage.
In addition, peat moss has no nutrient value of its own. And when it comes time to re-pot,
peat has the nasty tendency to compact around roots, causing much trauma when changing
out the old soil.

A little peat in your mix is fine....but, again, for the love of Pachira, don't make peat moss
the base of your mix.


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