African violet?

Ashley927(6)June 16, 2013

My grandmother passed away and my aunt said I could have her plants. My mother said this one is an african violet and that my grandmother could never get it to bloom. Is it an african violet and if so how can I get it to bloom?

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That is an African Violet indeed. It almost appears that you have two plants in that pot (can you show us a picture of the plant "overhead"?). Most people prefer one African Violet per pot (for symmetry), but that's entirely your preference.

I don't believe there's anything wrong with more than one AV in a pot, unless the "extra(s)" are what they call "suckers;" I believe these can drain energy from the Mother plant if not separated. I believe they are produced when the plant is stressed (don't quote me haha, I've read too many websites to know which one is "correct") in effort to "propagate" more or less (making sure it's "genes" live on so to speak).

It's hard to see if you have more than one plant in that pot. That being said, it's difficult to say if one is a "sucker" that has gotten full-grown or if it's two or more separate plants altogether. With that, if you have "suckers," it's possible they are drawing so much energy that the plant isn't going to bloom (not sure if this is likely or not probable, I've never left any suckers I've found on my AVs). It's also just possible it was not given enough light to bloom.

I believe an East or West window would be a good spot for it, or a shaded South window (shaded by a sheer curtain). They cannot tolerate direct sun (unless it is filtered, by say a curtain) from a South window, they will burn. I believe morning sunlight would be good from an East or West window, not sure about afternoon (all I have is a South window, sorry).

I hope this helps.


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It does look like there are 2 plants in the one pot and it's a small pot as well. I don't know if the second plant is a sucker or not. I've never had an african violet before. Would it be ok if I left it outside for the summer out of direct sunlight? I live in central Jersey.

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I'm sorry, but I won't be of any help telling you if you can keep it outside or not (I honestly don't know). :\ All the AVs I've grown, I grew indoors.

GW does have an AV forum and perhaps that question has already been asked (about keeping AVs outside). You could always check it out and see, or Google it (sorry, I hate directing people online, but I sometimes do because I don't have all the answers). I hope someone else will be able to tell you if you can/should.

If you can't find an answer or no one else on this forum replies, you could always ask the folks on the AV forum; I'm sure someone there would know!.

Here is a link that might be useful: GW AV Forum

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it's better to keep it indoors for many reasons. western dappled sunlight is fine too, so long as it's not too hot, they prefer 65F-75F range (that's ONE of the reasons to keep them indoors, bugs/fungal is the other). go to AV forum to get more info. they are quite easy to bloom, provided they have sufficient light and fertilizer (and the right soil).

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

AV are purely indoor plants.

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Ashley, first, I'm sorry about the loss of your grandmother.

I agree with Teen, African Violets should be kept indoors.

Keeping AV's outside might be okay in a screened gazebo that has a cover to prevent rain from getting in.

AV's grow near streams. Rain falls on leaves without harm. Nature is wonderful!

I just read an article about AV's. Certain wild AV's are endangered. Wonder why??? Toni

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Likely because of loss of habitat. :(

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I would have repotted the plant in new soil, and separated the two indiviuals. If one or both was too old, I would have propagated it/them by planting one or more leafs. You can see if an AV is old, if it has grown a long stem. When they get old, they tend to flower less. You can also remove old leaves to make it bloom, and place it where it gets sufficient light.

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