Alocasia Leaves Turning Yellow...I Need Help!!

uniquelydivine(6)June 15, 2013

Hi Everyone,

I've had an Alocasia for about a year now. It's been doing great but about a month or two ago I noticed some of its leaves turning yellow.

I thought that it was just the cycle of life and nothing was wrong. Recently, more leaves have been turning yellow and eventually dry up.

New leaves are coming out but I am concerned about the yellowing. Most of the tips of the leaves are yellow as well. Some of the leaves are also bending down and leaning towards the floor instead of standing upright (pics below). Why is this?

What am I doing wrong? What can I do to solve the problem. Please help. Thank you.

Pics below:

Yellow leaves:

Another angle of the yellow leaves:

Look how the leaves are hanging down (left side of plant):

Another angle of the drooping leaves (left side):

Right side of the plant (leaves look great and are standing):

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I am no expert, but alocasias are not the easiest plants to take care of. They require quite moist conditions (air humidity). It also may be time to have a look at the roots, since the plant has grown quite big - it might need new soil and a bigger pot.

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I see outside leaves turning yellow - the oldest. it's normal for old leaves to die, the new ones should be on the way. the other leaves look good to me.

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If it's only the old leaves, and the new leaves are good, then it's just the normal process of senescence. But make sure your soil isn't staying too wet. Some Alocasias like to stand in water, some will die in it. Yours are in the category of not liking it wet, they just need it damp.

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