Please help with the ID of my Anthurium

hankeatJune 24, 2011

I bought this Anthurium online under the name Anthurium - Jungle. After that I searched online and found two names.

Anthurium - Jungle Bush and Jungle King. Are they the same?

What species of Anthuriums are these two? Anthurium ellipticum?

Here the the photos of my plant. Thanks in advance.

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pirate_girl(Zone7 NYC)

Hi Hank,

I don't know enough on Anthuriums to help here, but perhaps post this Q on the Aroid Forum? They're bound to be able to help.

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Thanks for the suggestion pirate girl.
The Aroid Forum seems very inactive. :)
I'll try my luck here first. :)

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Hank..I believe yours is A. 'Jungle Bush.' Jungle King's flowers are shaped different.

Do you still have the pot it came in? Toni

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Thanks Toni, you are right. After comparing all the photos online. My Anthurium should be 'Jungle Bush'. Unfortunately I don't have the pot it came in anymore.

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Hank, the reason I asked if you had the original pot...when you enter the long SKU? number, '16 digits' on your search engine, I use Google, up comes the product name, and other information.

BTW, your Anthurium is lovely. Toni

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Sorry for the late reply Toni. I'm busy with my photos recently. I wonder the SKU is used in Europe. Anyway the internet shop (in Germany) that sold me the plant also sells bigger sample which they named Jungle Bush. Just this smaller sample they named only "Jungle".

Thanks Toni. I bought another three Anthuriums from Thailand. Anthurium vittarifolium, hookeri variegata and superbum. The last two are in terrible stage, especially the last one. I wonder it would survive.

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Hank, did you buy the Jungle Anthuriums out of US? What do you mean by SKU used in Europe?

Oh, more new plants!! Can you name the nursery? I usually order from Aleya Gardens in Thailand..Beautiful plants..

I adore A. superbum. I have a little guy with one or two leaves..Very slow-growing.
Bet you were happy when they arrived..I know the feeling. lol.

When you have time, can you post pics of your new plants? Thanks, Toni

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Toni, I live in Germany.
I bought the Anthuriums from greenthumb3000 on ebay, but we made the deal through email instead of ebay. His plants are quite small. In fact the best Anthuirum nurseries are in US. Unfortunately they don't ship to Europe or I've to pay 100$ for the Phyto. Cert.
I can't take photo of my Anthuriums, because they don't look good at the moment. One has only one yellow leaf and the other two yellow leaves. I'll take photo only when they look good.

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Hi Hank. Aw, Germany..Ironically, overseas nurseries (Europe, Thailand, Australia and China,) have every plant I Most beautiful, and quite rare..Rare for USA. I've never seen a seller from Germany on Ebay.
What type of native plants grow in Germany? Types we'd (US)keep as house plants...

Have you ever checked Gardenwatchdog? There are online nurseries that ship overseas, and do not charge 100.00.

Hank, when I order from Thailand, mostly Aleya Gardens, 'cost is based on weight,' I go with small parcel. 14.99 opposed to 35.00 for 3, good-sized, healthy plants.
Shipping takes 2-3 days longer, but plants arrive in good shape. This includes Adeniums, Aglaonemas, Philodendrons, some Hoyas and Sans..And Aglaos & Philos are sensitive where Adeniums and Sans survive long trips. Yet, the Aglonemas and Philos arrive in good health.
He includes the Phyto w/shipping cost..A few other Thailand nurseries charge 5.00 for the certificate.
100.00 for a piece of paper is absurd! That makes me soooo angry.

Don't think I ever bought from Greenthumb, but have seen his plants..they're gorgeous. I'm shocked they're small considering price and high shipping costs. Usually 30.00 for one plant.

I guess like some US nurseries, one in particular, pics are for show. You end up getting an over-priced plant in 2.5" pot.

When you're ready, I'll be happy to see your new Anthuriums. Take care, Toni

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I've the same opinion Toni. We tend to like rare plants, as I'm into US plants; Anthuriums and variegated Agaves. I used to like Philodendrons, but they tend to have long stems and small leaves, when I grow them. Well, there aren't much sunlights in Germany, especially in winter.

All the native plants in Germany are perennials. I don't think they can be grown indoor. You can't see German seller on ebay? In fact most of the Germans aren't that crazy about plants.

Thanks for the recommendation of Gardenwatchdog. I'll look into them.
I think we talked about Aleya Gardens before. They have many beautiful plants, but not the Anthuriums I want. Yes, Greenthumb is more expensive than Aleya Gardens. That was my first purchase, because he has the Anthuriums I want and he is the only one who can send the plants to Germany. I shared my order with a Dutch friend who lives in the Netherlands. After I received the package I sent his plants to him. When you purchase 5 plants from him you get 1 free.

In fact I only like few types of Anthuriums and most of them only available in US. e.g. Anthurium veitchii, Ant. warocqueanum, Ant. pendulifolium, and Ant. wendlingeri. That's really annoying.

Toni, in what soil do you grow your Anthurium superbum? I've just took a photo of my Anthurium vittarifolium. It's the only presentable plant from the three. Okay, I post the photo here. Best regards, Han

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Hi Hank. Hank, all native plants are perrenials, despit location. Dandilions are weeds, but they're also perrenials. Orchids are weeds but perrenials in their native lands. Here, we grow other country's weeds as house plants. LOL.
Do you know what I mean?

I talked to a man from the Philippines who laughed when I told him the price I paid for a certain plant..He said, Americans pay high prices for our

A second man from Mexico made a similar comment about Plumerias. He was shocked when I told him their going price. He laughed, and basically repeated what the first man said. 'We pay high prices for sticks.' lol.

This was back in the 90's, when I worked at a plant store. I knew both men personally..

If you have enough light for Agaves, there's no reason you can't keep Philodendrons. Actually, many Philos prefer semi-shade..If I can grow Philos here in IL, 'our winters are long, dark, dry and icy,' there's no reason you shouldn't be able to grow them there. Especially since you over-winter Agaves and Anthuriums.

Thankfully, you have someone to share shipping..That works out fine..Who gets to keep the freebie? lol.

I really hope you find an Anthurium seller who will ship overseas.
Gardenwatchdog lists numerous sellers from A-Z. There's a drop window per country. Try that.

Although your Anthurium vittarifolia is a little small, (though I don' know its cost) it's healthy and good-looking. I've never had that species..Very interesting. I love the strap-like foliage. Very pretty. What do flowers look like?

Hank, like I said, my A. superbum is tiny..(one or two leaves) It was bought at a starter plant from a seller on Ebay who sells nothing but starter plants.
I read Anthuriums require acidic soils, so here is a list of mediums all my Anthuriums are potted in.

All-Purpose soil, Peat, Bark, Coarse Sand and tiny pebbles.
IMO, true soil is needed for nutrients. For tropicals and semi-tropicals, not desert succulents.

Seems, most Anthuriums do best in shallow pots..NOT Bonsai containers, but semi-shallow opposed to deep.

Since you've done well with your Anthuriums, continue using and potting the way you have.

Hank, have you ever seen, A. Tweed? Toni

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Oh yeah, I think I misunderstood the meaning of perennials. What I meant for "perennials in Germany" is you can't grow them as house plants, as they need winter to survive.

Regarding Philodendrons I can grow them as house plants too, but they don't look good like in "dwarf form" when we buy them from nursery, therefore now I switch to Anthuriums.

We shared the freebie. I mean 50/50. In fact I traded my share(50%) of freebie with an Anthurium crystallinum from him, as he sells plants. We traded some plants as well.

Thanks for the tips of Anthurium. I think the price from Thailand is higher than in USA. I paid
$40 Ant. Vittarifolium (This spicies has normal flower like other Ant.)
$30 Ant. Superbum (It's dying)
$28 Ant. hookeri varigata

I know Ant. Tweed. It looks more like Aralia. In fact beside Agaves/succulents I like only Anthuriums/plants with big leaves. From my experience with bugs, it's easier for me to remove them, when the plants have big leaves.

Saturday I bought a new pesticide. We called it "combi-staebchen" which you can stick the small rod into soil. The rod will change the taste of juice of plants, so that bug won't suck them anymore. They are expensive, 54 cents for a rod which lasts only 4 months and a 20cm pot need 6 rods. Today I've found a cheaper alternative which costs only 32 cents peer rod.

Thanks for the Gardenwatchdog again. This year I've stopped buying plant, as it's "almost" autumn. I'll wait till next year.
Best regards, Han

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Hi Hans.
Prices should have one set rate, 'for the plant, not shipping.'
Some Thailand and other countries seem to make up prices. If a plant isn't marked, find a different seller.
And many will negotiate. You'd be surprised.
They want to sell as much if not more, than we want to buy.

With shipping costs and the economy, sellers are willing to drop prices.

40.00 for Ant Vittarifolium is rediculous. They're sold her at a store called Walmart for 3.00, 'when on sale,' or 5.99 regular price.

There are local and online florists that overcharge, but I don't do florists. 100.00 for a common plant in a 4" pot..Forget that!

Does your pesticide contain chemicals? What type of insects are you trying to kill? Do you know their names?

If you're talking about house plant bugs, there are many household products that rid these creatures. Without using chemicals. Toni

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Yeah, those online sellers (What I know are from Asia) do sell their plants at ridiculous prices. Beside Anthuriums red Aglaonemas, When I was in Thailand last year, I paid $3 for a plant and they sell it at $15 online.

Regarding the Anthuriums I could understand them, as they probably bought them from USA. That means they paid the $100 Phyto Cert. Some US ebay sellers do agree to send plants to Europe without Phyto cert, but they insist to send it with UPS which the shipping costs $35, therefore it isn't cheap either.

So far I bought from two US sellers who do send with normal post which costs only few US dollars. They declare the plants as wooden or garden decorations. So far everything runs smooth. Unfortunately they don't sell Anthuriums, therefore I've to find new sellers.

Toni, do you know Nature's Asset on Flickr? He has great Aroids. Here is the link

I've few types of different house plant bugs on few Aroids and I'm tired of spraying pesticide every week. My dentist recommended me this rod. It works on her Hibiscus and I checked online many people do recommend it too, therefore I don't mind to spend a little bit more money on it.
Best regards, Han

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Hi Han. Han, I'll have to look in favorites and/or old emails for a second Thailand seller I have purchased plants.

Besides Aleya, I've ordered from this nursery, 'great prices,' a woman from Malaysia, a seller in Thailand who happened to be related to 'don't want to say,' one of the other Thailand sellers I've ordered from half a dozen times and China..All have decent prices, and by using a different shipping method, I've never, ever paid 30.00-35.00 for shipping..I've only paid for the Phyto once: $5.00 USD.

Han, I've been on Flickr from the beginning..Flickr was original owned by Yahoo, but supposedly, Yahoo sold to Flickr. Anyway, to this day, the only thing I know how to do on Flickr is post
Other Flickr members have sent emails about my plants, or just to talk, and others asking permission to use one of my plant pictures.
To this day, other than posting pictures, I don't know anything about What's its purpose???

Thanks, I will check Nature's Asset's plants, but can't now because I'm going visiting in a couple hours and still have much to do before leaving. So, here I sit on the

Han, several years ago, I made up a home-made insecticide..No chemcials. Here's a list of Ingredients.


I mix:

16 oz spray bottle
2-4 drops dish soap..'not Dawn.'
1 clove finely chopped garlic. The juice works best.
Citrus rind or juice. Lemon or lime.
Hot Pepper..the hotter the better. Cayenne works okay.
Listerine, mouth wash. 1/4 teas.

Add water in sprayer, then remaining ingredients the night before you plan on spraying. Shake spray bottle thoroughly before use. Spraying every other week keeps bugs at bay.


Although Fish Emulsion is primarily used as an organic fertilizer, it also prevents and kills Scale. Believe me, I saved my Olive Tree by spraying with 1 cap of Fish Emulsion and water, in a 16oz sprayer.
Before bringing plants indoors in autumn, I spray with all the ingredients above, including Fish Emulsion..It works as a preventative and, since I don't fertilizer during winter, a last feeding.

Han, last winter, like most other winters, I feel down, and forget to spray with my mix, but before last winter, I've sprayed religiously, and never had plant bugs.

This last winter, my plants contracted Mealy..the one bug I cannot rid. They attacked my African Violets and Scale. Since I can't find an organic solution to kill these creatures from hell, I ended up tossing most AV's and a few Clivias..I did spray with Rubbing Alcohol, but with some plants, too late.

But when I sprayed every other week, my plants were w/o insects.

BTW, if you decide to try this mix..if you add FE, discard leftovers..However, if you use the first recepie, it won't spoil, can be used days later.

Please give it a try. There's nothing in my insecticide that will harm your plants, so what have you got to lose?

I don't like using chemicals, mainly since I have birds..I dont want them breathing the fumes or, if by chance one flys out of the room and lands on a plant that was sprayed w/a chemical, it can kill the bird. Besides, I just don't like handling chemicals. Yuck,.

Good luck, Hans.

PS. Have you checked Anthuriums in HI? I don't know if they can or will ship to Germany, but it's worth researching..And HI has some true beautys.. Toni

There are a few overseas sellers on Ebay who charge way too much for shipping. I know what you mean when you said, while visiting Thailand plants were you have problems bringing a plant on the plane? How does it work?

Once I find the second seller's name, I'll send it to you. His site doesn't list most plants available, so you'll have to email him and ask about Anthuriums or plants you'd like to have.

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Hey Toni, I can't find the website of 'great prices' nursery that you mentioned. The only ebay seller from Malaysia I know is 'sheflora'. Her plants aren't cheap as well. Last year beside Thailand I was in Malaysia too. Her online prices are 7x higher than the market prices in Malaysia.

I don't know much about Flickr either. I only use Flickr to upload my plants photos and check new plants. But I've more my plants and my garden photos on Facebook, because unlike Flickr the space on Facebook is free.

Thanks for the information of your home-made insecticide. After few years battle my bugs are clever nowadays, as they hide inside the (leaf) axil, where no water can reach. I've a Hoya carnosa compacta. It's even worse, as the bugs hide inside the leaves. I believe you know the form of that Hoya's leaves. Every week/fortnightly I've to clean those bugs with cotton swab with baby oil. I clean the leaves like cleaning our ears. I think the Hoya has more than 100 leaves, therefore it's good for me to use the chemical rods, at least I save time. Moreover I've only about 10 plants that have bugs.

I found a nursery in Hawaii that sells plant to Germany, but they have only Alocasia (quite beautiful), but not Anthurium . Another nursery that sells Anthurium is They've many rare species, but their prices are high.

So far I don't have any problem bringing in plants from overseas. Normally I carried them in my hand luggage, but last year I bought too much, therefore I'd to put some into my check-in luggage. Fortunately the plants had no problem with it. At the custom they asked me what was in my luggage. I told them plants, then they just let me go.

Few years ago I bought a 90cm high Ficus benjamina - Starlight in Turkey. I carried it as hand luggage, because I was afraid it would be frozen/damaged, if I put it in a check-in luggage. I asked the stewardess whether I could put it somewhere in the plane. She told me there wasn't any free room, therefore I'd to carry it to my seat. I put the Ficus between my legs for the whole journey like a country pumpkin. In fact I didn't mind it, because now probably beside Botanical Garden I'm the only one who has this plant in Germany.

Toni, thank you very much for helping me to look for sellers. Best regards, Han.

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Hi Han..Aside from Aleya, try . I've bought several plants from Atgtree, in Thailand; all arrived in perfect condition.

You will probably have to email him since his site has 'X' amount of plants, he has many others that aren't listed.

Oh, the owner of Aleya Gardens has a relative who is now selling plants. She's quite generous, and her prices are great. The problem, I can't recall her Ebay name. lol.
I could write Aleya if you' like..

I ordered a Dracaena 'goldianna' from sheflora two years ago..yes, her prices are high, however, if you talk to her about shipping, she might drop the price..She did for me.
I paid the extra $ because I really wanted the plant..It was a tad high, but considering its rarity, it wasn't too expensive. One other seller had it, in Thailand, but he wanted 39.00 plus 30.00 shipping..No way!

Well, if the rods don't work, 'I hope they do,' you can try my recepie. Thankfully, it works for me, and that's all that matters..I don't like using chemicals, so it's the next best thing.

Oh yes, your H. carnosa, 'Hindu Rope' will hide all sorts of insects. Perfect curves to build a cozy home.
If it was mine, I'd take it outside, set your hose on full-force, and spray every last leaf. In fact, I'd first remove from its pot, and hose roots and all. After a fresh repot, 'new or cleaned pot and fresh soil,' add the rods or spray.
I know, some bugs are

It's 'almost' funny you brought plants on a plane..I wonder if you'd be able to haul plants from the states to other US airports, they toss personal items..It's sad it has to be that way, but safer. After 911, people are afraid. I guess they're laid back overseas. Have you been able to transport plants since 911?

How long was the flight from Turkey to Germany, while you cuddled your Ficus? lol.
Unless you were in First Class, you must have been as snug as a bug in a I've never flown 1'st class, only saw it on TV. lol..But the seats look roomy.

Well, let me know if you'd like Aleya Gardens relatives' name. I ordered from her last year...Oh, her name might be in my Feedback..I can always check there, too.

Whatever, Han, I hope you find every single Anthurium in the

Do you like King and Queen Anthuriums? They both have huge leaves, 20+ inches long..sorry, don't have a converter page opened.. Toni

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Hi Toni, thanks for all the information. I'll check with Aleya, but only next year, as I don't intend to buy any plant in this year anymore.

In fact I try to grow plants that attract no bugs, therefore I start to sell (get rid of) those plants with bugs, once they're bug-free. From this experience my new plants are plants with big leaves (except succulents), therefore I like big leaves Anthuriums now, at least it's easier for me to get rid of those bugs.

The flight from Turkey to Germany takes about 3 hours. I believe the airport control in Germany isn't as strict as in US. Normally I transport my plants without soil and I pack them in newspapers. In the worst case I would tell the custom those are veggies, as I believe they don't much about plants. :) In domestic flights in Malaysia we could even bring water bottles on board.

Toni, could you tell me the link of your Flickr account? I would like to take a look of your plants collection.

Best regards, Han

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Hank, sorry...I haven't been online much. We had extreme heat, then flooding..The basement is a disaster.

Some Anthuriums have huge leaves, but are usualy grown in a conservatory or large green house.
They need a LOT of humidity to survive. I once two young King and Queen Anthuriums, but they died. boo hoo. :)

Hank, hope this link works. Here's my Flickr page.
If you intend on viewing all my pics, do so when you have several hours to

I don't know how to post the address so you can click on the link without having to type it in..Sorry.

Hope you're well.

Ha, I always say 'this is the plant this year,' then come across somethiing I have to get. lol.
I'm expecting a shipment from Aleya.. Except for one Begonia, I doubt I'll add more this year.
But when a nursery emails an ad, the temptation is hard to fight. lol.

Take care...and I hope your plants are doing well, Toni

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