what can I plant now for on a trellis?

tesmith(6B)August 11, 2012

Had a series of cucumber plants get sick and wilt away.

Like this over night then a few days later the whole area was shriveled and gone.

Now I have this space empty. I am looking for suggestions. What (If anything) can I plant using this vertical space? I Just hate to see it go empty this early! If you missed it above, I am in 6B

For reference, the left hand side of this first bed is the space I have to work with (Pic from earlier this spring)

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Peas? :) depends on what the rest of your season looks like...

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It looks like a great trellis! I see that you are in my zone. I am trying some new gourd plants from seed right now. Probably too late but we shall see. Cukes took a beating this yr by everyone so don't feel bad. Ithink it was a lot due to the terrible heat waves we had. You could also browse some local nurseries or greenhouses to see what they are still growing in the way of veggies. Maybe some brussel sprouts? I just bought and planted some brussel sprouts. May just be better luck next yr, hate to say!

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leira(6 MA)

I'd suggest snowpeas. I recently planted the last of some that claimed to mature in 58 days. I think they're a better bet than shelling peas.

If you don't mind ignoring the trellis, you could try various greens (lettuce, spinach), broccoli raab, turnips, beets, carrots, radishes.

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