When to pick Lima Beans

naturenut_ohio(z6Ohio)August 15, 2009

HI all, we have both forhook limas and baby limas planted, can anyone tell me when to pick them? I have been watching the shells for the seed but was curious if there is a color change in the shell when they are ready to pick?

Thanks everyone.


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By the time the shells start to turn color, they are already too old for good, sweet, lima beans you would use as a cooked vegetable, but still are fine for use in soups and cooked bean dishes.

The only real way to tell is by feel of the pods, and by opening up a few to see how big the beans are inside. Ideally, they should be plump and fill the space in the pod, but still greenish-white in color and somewhat soft. If they are turning white (or other color, depending upon variety), they are getting older, and start to get starchy.

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana

I prefer them on the small side rather than larger and starchier. Sure, you don't get nearly the production, but the proof is surely in the eating!

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By just feeling the pods and the look os it. And of course, pick one or two and open them. That is easy.
You can also let them get ripe and dry them.
Dried ones can be soaked in water overnight, then used in cooking.

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Thanks all, I'll open a couple tomorrow to see where we are at.

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