SOS Gerbera...

CarochinhaJune 27, 2013

Someone gifted my mom a Gerbera plant a month ago or so, and somehow it turned into this. Does someone have any idea of what I could do to bring it back to life? I don't think it's really dead.

I don't know anything about gardening. I know they need sun and water. That's literally it. If you start talking about fertilizer brands and chemical things, I probably won't understand a word. Sorry.

I live in a Mediterranean climate. If you could please help me (with simple instructions), I would be really thankful!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

The odds greatly favor the probability the plant has succumbed to a malady called crown rot. This happens frequently with African Daisies when they are over-watered or planted too deep. Unfortunately, once it's taken hold, there is little you can do. The bright side is, not that you've asked the question, you'll know they should be left to become quite dry before watering. I wouldn't exactly campaign for allowing the plants to wilt slightly before you water, because that induces drought stress, which robs potential; but I would offer that it would be better to under-water to the point where you see the first signs of wilt before watering, than it would be to over-water. Neither is good practice, but under-watering is the lesser of the evils.


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Oh, thank you so very much!! I'll start doing that and see if I can still salvage this plant!

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