I fell and have 2 black eyes and ....

toomuchglass(5)September 23, 2010

Ohhhhhhhh -- my achin' head ! I'm officially the QUEEN OF KLUTZ. Yesterday , I was carrying a pot of water in the kitchen - some how , some way - I tripped over my own feet and fell forward - right flat on my face . Damn Gravity . gggrrrrr .....

I got 2 swollen , black eyes , a knot & bruise on my

forehead - and a deep gash across my nose. It looks like I've been in a brawl ....LOL

Just call me Kathy Klutz :

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jiju(zone 4)

Oh no! Hope you get better soon!

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Wow! You better take it really easy for 3 days in case it is a concussion! Vomiting, sudden memory loss,headache, dizziness,vertigo,anxiety or fatigue/sleepiness. I had just looked it up as my dad tried to get out of recliner & tried to catch himself & bumped his head yesterday so we are still watching him but he seems to be OK, headache is gone but sore thumb & 1st finger, swollen & blue. You are going to look like you had a facelift, without the new look!! It will get lot worse looking before it clears up, didn't break your nose did you? Did you trip over a rug? It is so much easier as we get older, I've been going around trying to get rid of low hanging branches, things in yard I can trip over etc. We are all 1 fall away from a nursing home so we have to try to get dangerous things out of way. Guess it wasn't hot water so be glad of that. Do rest up for 3 days tho, had a friend that cracked his head & he kept working & got worse about week later & downhill from there. So you are the important thing here. Rest ,rest,rest!! 3 days of no lifting, bending down etc. Ice on the bump & around eyes if you can take it. Crush it & put in washcloth. Watch for double or blurry vision too! Hugs & prayers coming your way! You should be back to normal in 4-6 weeks! Jan

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Can you imagine the looks your husband must get when he's with you? lol Poor guy! My Bob took a friend to the hospital years ago after she was beaten up by her boyfriend. Of course the staff at the hospital thought Bob was responsible and treated him as though he were the guilty party. His friend quickly straightened them out.

And I thought I was bad breaking a finger going UP some stairs or twisting my ankle as I road down some stairs with my one leg under me. Or your eyes remind me of my own when I got whacked in the face with a volleyball. My glasses gave me a couple of great shiners that time. You aren't the only Kathy Klutz! lol

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Kathy, you poor thing...that was some fall. And I'm sure quite a painful one! Do like Nurse Jan says and take it easy for a few days, please.
(you'd definitely do a bar-room brawler proud tho. One look at you and they'd back off once you told them they should see the other guy....LOL)


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Owwwie I hope you heal fast. Please don't feel alone and be all embarrassed, I've done the same thing. Tripped over my own foot while carrying a tile saw. My lovely gash was across the chin, my nose broken, the eyes blackened and swelled and my boobiage took a bruising from the metal case of the saw I tried to protect. DUH ME!!!.


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Thanks for all your kind words. I'm definately taking it easy & keeping an eye out for symptoms. Since I took this picture -- my eyes have gotten so much worse - They glow purple . I'm staying in the house for sure.

I had a really bad cut on my finger once - I had to go for stitches. EVERYONE that met me -- asked how it happened . I told them the truth - I was learing how to carve wood and I cut toward me - instead of away from me ( another DUH moment ) you could tell they all were fishing for me to tell them it was my DH that did it.

Well - now I have to the time to play on the computer .
( Just to keep a check my vision you know .....LOL )

Thanks again .... !!!

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2much...I thought maybe you had 2 root canals or something! Uggghhhh! Looks bad & probably feels even worse! Take good care of yourself, computer therapy should help!! ...this too shall pass. Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

Wow Kathy...you sure know how to do things right! And, it sounds like something I would do to myself. Hope your eyes will soon be back to normal and please take it easy and rest!

Feel better soon~


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I worked with gal long time ago & she came in just about like you look except more green & purple & I asked her what happened. Seems she had been to bakery & picked up cake for her mom's birthday, she held on to box with 1 hand, it started to slid as she drove & she looked down"for a second" & saw the telephone pole just as she hit it. It was 6 weeks before she looked normal. Moral of this story is set the cake on the floor on a towel or some newspapers & save your face! Did you see a Dr. too much glass? Probably wouldn't help much unless you needed stitches or nose is broke which I think you would know by now. If nose is where it belongs(my son's was)they don't do anything anyway. After tomorrow things should start improving slowly, tho it might take a couple more days before you notice you feel any better. Be sure you get a few more pics so you can remind yourself to be more careful!! Oh, don't make any flower plates, glue might send you into orbit, shape you are in!!Computer therapy is good, don't have to look down just straight ahead! Keep us posted! Jan

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Oh honey, I feel for you! I'm sure you've got past the "why did I do that" phase. You had better have finished beating your self up too because the floor did enough. Hang in there and get your rest. There will be enough work after you are all healed anyways. That really fine crushed ice can really do wonders on the swelling.
Love, Jules

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Hope you are feeling better than it looks. My heart goes out to you. Be careful....so as to not have a repeat.

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I hope you are a little less purple now and feeling better!

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Hope you are starting to feel human again! Hoping also worst is over, that was a really nasty fall. Just let us know you are OK! Jan

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Marlene Kindred


Are your eyes green yet? Just wondering how the bruises are and how you're feeling?

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nanagrandma(9 SouthWest, Calif)

WELL Kathy when I had my sinus head surgery my first day my eyes were black than they slowly turned deep purple, than a rather pretty color of purple and it was shiney, I told my daughter we should take a picture and send the color off to the cosmetic companies for a new color of eye shadow, you have to laugh and I am sure you did after you calmed down. Oh I forgot the other colors yellow,green gray, fushia and to boot I had no hair, BUT PLEASE PLEASE LISTEN AND GO TO THE DOCTOR AT THE FIRST SIGN OF ANYTHING UNUSUAL. God Bless you and you are in my prayers


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kudzukween(8 MS)

oh my goodness! i missed the photo but i can imagine! hope you're okay now. i'm a klutz big-time with medication.lol

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Oh Golly Ladies,

Add me to your list of Klutzs. Two weeks ago hubby and I were taking our dogs out for their last potty break and I went ahead to pop on the sensored lights on our garden shed. I popped on the lights on the right side and headed to the left side going around the back of the shed. I was somewhat blinded by the lights and totally forgot about the tree stump sticking up about 4inches out of the ground. Down I went face first...........Ouch! Hubby was trying to control our four dogs and get to me. I told him to let me lay a minute to be sure I wasn't seriously hurt. So being a *man* he said OK I'll take the dogs to potty while you are laying there.............. Sigh! I fell so hard I bruised the right side of my face and totally squashed my right breast. I am still sporting a very sore breast. I don't dare cough or sneeze, much to painful. Getting into and out of bed isn't fun either.

Although our backyard if fenced and we used to just let the dogs out the door, that afternoon I came face to face in our chicken yard with a Coyote. So now the chickens can no longer free range and since we have two small dogs we take precautions to protect them.

Neighors on each side of us have taken shots at the Coyote but we don't if they hit it. Hope so! Still not taking any chances!

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Think Toomuch is OK now, she went to some fairs over on other side. Chelcass that was a terrible fall. You need to take a flashlight with you so you can see where you are walking. Harbor Freight gives them away with coupon in paper. I have 1 in my purse in case of earthquake if I'm in a store, I can see which way to get out! I use them to find pins in the carpet & find something in bottom of the closet! I take a larger 1 out back to be sure I don't have mountain lion on roof or in yard. I have been told I have had 2 very large raccoons on my wall that got up on my roof so don't want to run into them either. I'm 2 miles from mountains so if there is no water they come down to visit the city & eat & drink whatever they can find. Are you sure you don't have any broken ribs? If you feel a stabbing when you move around could be or if feel like having a heart attack you may have torn some loose, very painful also. Are you bruised up there? Bad thing is they can't bind you up there!! Just have to be super careful! Hope neighbors got coycote! Jan

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chelcass...sorry about your fall...happens to the best of us, right? Take good care of yourself & thank goodness, your DH took care of the dogs but I'm glad that ol' coyote didn't come lickin' you in the face while DH did his thing! Hope you'll feel better soon...not fun.

sunnyca...MOUNTAIN LIONS!>
You've got to be kidding...I'll take the coyotes anytime! And raccoons, for that matter...we get both visitors, once-in-awhile! Jeanne S.

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Thanks Sunny and jeannie. I don't have any broken ribs, just a very very bruised breast bone and a somewhat green *boob* It's still very sore but slowly getting better.

I have been told we have a Mountain Lion in the area. It was reported in the Newspaper as being seen by the Natchez Trace which is about 4 miles from us. Have seen a BobCat a mile up the road. Have not seen the Coyote since but i sure do hear them howling at night!

Guess that is the price you pay for living down in a Hollow in the Middle of Tennessee............... :(

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Chelcass, be aware if you have a mountain lion they are bigger than bobcat, Beautiful face & long tail about 2 ft. on 1 I faced. Maybe I mentioned it on here before but I was going to nursery part of hardware store & noticed large hole in chain link fence, the freeway is right behind it & there is grassy strip so very easy for hungry animals to come into the city from the mountains 1 mile above the store. I was walking & wondered what kind of dog was walking toward me, he had such a long tail, I couldn't see his face as there were some potted plants out in the aisle & he was looking towards area where parents send their kids while they shop. about 100 ft from me he had to go around a pot & I saw his beautiful face & realized it was a wild animal but I wasn't sure what, I backed up but they are very fast & if he wanted me for lunch he could have, it was on anniversary of my hubby's death so was really unsettling, anyway I told them about it & told them I did not want to read about 1 of those kids mauled & killed. The ducks were completely enclosed even top so he would have had to work at getting in. We went out (no kids were there that day)& looked for it(how dumb was that) none of us looked up, they go up in trees.(or roofs etc. & several are sighted every year, 1 in Santa Clarita couple of days later, could have been one I saw. It weighted more than most dogs. Chelcass, you don't want to run into 1. If they are hungry you will be supper! Glad to hear you are green now, that's an improvement!!Jan

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There are rumors of cougars around the Milwaukee area too. Some say it is an urban legend but a friend of Bob's swears he saw one. I remember hearing one as a kid on my uncle's farm. When they growl, they sound like a woman screaming. Pretty scary stuff! Of course, as a dumb kid, I went looking for it during the day. Luckily I didn't find it.

A few years ago we had a black bear running around in the middle of the city. Scared the bejesus out of a guy at an office supply place when he looked out the window of the company breakroom and saw it. he-he

We have our share of coyotes. They are very quiet until they hear a police, ambulance or fire truck siren. Then you hear them howl like crazy. One place I lived, when they started howling, it seemed they were only about 30 feet away. I know one came to the top of the hill one night where I used to walk my little dog and eyed us up. I think my size (the size of a very large black bear) and my running right at him made him think twice. lol! He quickly retreated.

Chelcass, I hope your boob is doing better. They sure can be painful when bruised and you always seem to bump it against something where its bruised.

No klutzy things to report here unless you count leaving my keys in the mailbox and getting almost to my apartment before realizing it. Luckily no one took them. Another time I was getting my walker out of the car and started walking away only to realize I left the driver's side door open. I think it's called Oldtimers disease. *Sigh*

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Because I was in Indiana, I missed the picture of toomuchglass, but so sorry about the fall!
And now Chelcass fell too! I will have to be very careful
because I don't want to be #3. I have fallen occasionally
since I got into my 70s, but nothing as serious as you two.
I try to move quickly like I am still a teenager, I think-LOL
Both of you take care of yourselves! HUGS....

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