JT made it to NC

treasureforu(NC 7)September 3, 2009

Hi all,

Jt is visiting me now. She has been here a couple of days so she will be moving on tomorrow. I loved having her around and she really enjoyed the terrific weather we have had in Charlotte this week. Here it should be over 90 but instead it is closer to 75. Amazing! Anyway, I took a few pics that I will be putting in the journal.

I loved checking out the box to see what treasures it held. Lots of great stuff in there. I added serval things to the box. I don't have much time right now for making things because I just started school so that I can be a teacher. Bit hard at age 50 to jump back into the school thing. Especially since I am doing masters level work. But, so far it seems good and I am still excited about teaching. I will start helping out in school again in the next week or two. This year I will be helping with a fourth grade class.

Anyway, JT will be back on the road again so everyone keep an eye out for her. She probably be flying so she might be over your head when you least expect it.


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Marlene Kindred

Glad you had a nice visit with JT! Hope you took a couple of pictures while she was there and pictures of your loot, so we can drool!!

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Well, leave it to that little snip, J.T....she would come visit at the most busy time of the yr for you! Congrats on back to college & back to the classroom at school! Hope she didn't give you too many headaches! We'll be looking forward to hearing about your adventures! Where will JT be flying next? TFS her arrival! Jeanne S.

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Be sure to post a few pics! I always love seeing JT's adventures. She is such a little scamp. he-he Plus I love seeing what everyone gets.

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Thanks for letting us know where she is. Have fun!

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treasureforu(NC 7)

Hi all,
Thanks for the messages. I will try to post some pics on here this week. I added some to the journal in the box. Just nice to still be in touch somehow with everybody on here.

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