Just some pics

Will07(5)June 18, 2013

My oleanders are over a year old now

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My plumeria, she doesn't want to leaf out. Probably has something to do with the cold weather we are having.

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Orchid cactus, 'Queen of the Night'. Second summer outside. She likes it better without a cover over head. Last summer I hung her under the gazebo on the patio. She likes this spot much better. The winter didn't treat my other orchid cactus in the background as well.

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Gold Crest. Bought her winter 2010 in a 4" pot. She stays inside in the winter in the hottest driest room in the house. Her tips always brown and I trim them off every spring. This year my mother decided to stick her in that black pot on the left. It has no drainage holes and we have had lots of rain and I noticed one day she was swimming in water. To my surprise, ever since I thought she was 'drowning' she has started to grow a whole bunch of new branches and has really greened up. I now keep the soil as wet as possible.

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teengardener1888(NY Albany 5a)

Pretty, Im shure the plumeria will catch on eventually

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Will, very nice plants.

Does your Oleander grow bushy or is it on one main trunk?
If it grows bushy, do you prune new growth?

Be careful when handling. Oleander is poisonous. Each and every part, from roots to stems to foliage.
Has it flowered?

How much light is your Plumeria getting?
Yep, z5 has been cold..especially nights..45F in mid-June. Who'd have thought??

Cute Epi...has it yet bloomed?

Amazing your fir? survived a hot, dry room!
They are thirsty plants, especially during summer.

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