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toomuchglass(5)September 3, 2009

They have a tv show on here called "Extreme Hoarding" . It's unreal to watch . These people live in piles of refuse , filth , and lord knows what else. "Squalor" is a good word for it. I vowed I'd never be like that . ( unless I had a huge house ~ LOL ) All summer long I've been taking "good" stuff to the GW - and my house & attic is still a whopping mess. I decided to "de-clutter". Yep --- grab a garbage bag and just keep walking & tossing . If I haven't looked at something for over a year - out it goes. That's the main level of my house. Now I'm at the attic part of my clean up .... it's killing me because I have so many tole painted wooden decorations leftover from craft fairs . 100% complete --- a few are are 85% done ... hundreds of dollars is invested in wood . I promised myself - if I haven't seen it or even thought of it in a year -- out it goes.

******* Sooooo - to ease my pain ******** rather than throw it away , can I give it away here ? ( Here I go again -- you know the drill - just pay for postage ) hehehe

I just don't know how to do it... or if GW will even allow it. I'll post some pics of the stuff I came across ...

(lotsa of Christmas stuff ) meanwhile ... think about it .I'd feel so much better if it went to my pals than in a dumpster.

**Help me**Help me** Help me** !!!! Pics to follow ...

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Ok --- A grabbed a few random things to take pics of ... these were on the top of a box I came across this morning. ( Haven't dug deeper yet ) Cinnamon stick birdhouse ornaments - cut out wooden Santa Ornies ... a full cut out of a reindeer saying "Just Say Ho" ...

How can I do this ?

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OOOOOOO! I'll take teh cute little birdie house! That is soooooo cute!

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I have about 8 of them ...Smicker..... I just don't know how to do this ... I have multiples of somethings .

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Marlene Kindred

Ooooohhhh....can I have the Santa with the long beard and the cats n' mittens ornament? I have a neighbor who rescues cats...she'd love that one! Just let me know.


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BUTTTTTTTTTT ---- How can I do this ??????????? I'm not even sure if I - Village would let me . I'd hate to be banned ....

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If you're "giving" it away, then there should be no problem, should there??? Must go back and read the fine print, TMGlass, just to make sure! Very thoughtful of you...but I hope you won't get "stung" on postage again! (as with some of the Junk-tion!) Just my 2 cts. worth! Your tole work is beautiful! Jeanne S.

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Hey, can I get it for the cost of coming to your house or meeting you somewhere? If I can't use what you have to give, I can always give it to the nursing home where my mother lived or my friend is always giving crafty things away to her church and a local nursing home who both seem to really appreciate it. Let me know via email!

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private emails is how I did the teapot to Susie-

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Oh Golly I would love to have some of those beautiful items. Gladly send you postage. Do you have paypal?? If not I can send a check or stamps the choice is yours. I dearly love everything, especially the items in the second picture.


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Toomuch, Have you thought about opening an Etsy account? I understand it is very reasonable, and you would probably make some money on such nicely crafted items. If you want more information, I could put you in touch with a painter friend from the Painting forum who just started her's.

I'm sure school's or churches would love to have your beautiful items--they sometimes have bazaars and such to raise money.

I am sure you have lots of money and hours of work in all these items--hate to see you not get compensated for them.

Congratulations on the de-cluttering--not an easy task. Best of luck to you.


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I was at the senior center & they said they have a fall fundraiser . I'm sorry to have jumped the gun in offering them - but if they can make some money from them , they said they'd love to have them. Leave it to me to be too quick on the trigger ! I'm so sorry . If I do come across more ( I've only made a dent in the space ) I'll let you know !!

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chelcass(Z5 Michigan, U.P.)

Oh what a wonderful idea. the senior center is always in need of a little help. bless you for being so generous.

Hugs, Chelcass

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My best friend does so many crafts and doesn't want to sell them at craft fairs so she gives it all to her church or a local nursing home. They use them for fundraisers, as prizes for games at festivals or to cheer up the nursing home residents. She can craft to her heart's content and not have her house filled with all her creations (although she still has a lot of them on display). I think it is a wonderful idea!

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wannadanc(z8 WA)

Regarding the intro topic: HOARDING - while many of us would like to think we aren't THAT bad - as bad as the worst we are seeing on the TV shows, there are times when I squirm a bit. I need to keep watching the shows, even though I am often creeped out by the goings on and the pathetic interactions when folks try to help. Here is the point: I have SO MUCH STUFF that I don't even know what I DO have. We can speak food or clothes or craft supplies - in each of those arenas, I am over the top. I still have 100's of concrete pieces I did when THAT was my obsession. I sold them, I gave them away, and at least I am NOT adding to the collection. Would you like to guess how many molds I have for doing concrete work? Holy ned!!!!

Life is good ......... and, yes, I am enjoying it.

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