It's Official! I've corrupted all of my Children!

smickerdoodleSeptember 2, 2009

Today, while I was delivering mail, I saw a headboard with shelves and a wooden desk alongside the road in our neighborhood. I stopped at the house a few minutes later to take a break and told my girls about it. When I got home from work my daughter called me into their room and what do you think I saw sitting on top of her desk? you got it! They had walked the two streets over and carried them home. She is using the headboard as a hutch/bookshelf. I walked into the livingroom and the desk was sitting in the middle of the floor They had been hoping it would fit in the bedroom as another desk for the other daughter but it is too big. But it fits perfectly in my bedroom to hold my computer.

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Ah, you've got help in your heists!! Way to go!! Of course now you have to be on lookout for smaller desk for other DD!! Nice going!! Jan

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Oh, Micki, it is official, I'm afraid!! But who said that was a bad thing??? LOL!! Your children must love you dearly, all my kids do is just roll their eyes, get lower in the seat and pray to God that I can pick whatever it is up by myself, so they dont hafta get out and be seen by their friends!!!LOL!!I am proud of your kids, they are being green by recycling! (not to mention saving you some money for a desk and bookshelf!!)Way to go, kids!
BTW, can I borrow them sometime?????!!!! I pay in pizza for my helpers!!JK!

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If you are going to corrupt them, I can't think of anything better! he-he I'm so glad I have a fellow junker in my Bob. He isn't at all embarrassed grabbing things out of the garbage or throwing stuff in the car from next to the curb. It is fun to have partners in crime.

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Marlene Kindred

Comrades in arms are wonderful!!! Great way to teach your kids Micki!

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Ahhhh, "A chip off the ol' block!" (neighbor's block)! LOL! Jeanne S.

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This sort of corruption is a good thing. The simplicity of what we do is beyond some people. To have taught your children to look at things in a different light so they can stike out on their own is priceless. This day and age they can be doing worse things. Hats off to your girls. How old are they?


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I love hearing that story. Lately I have been noticing that there is hope in the upcoming generation.

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What a great way to be a role model for your kids!

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