Yoo-Hoo to Miss Purplemoon!!

daisydal(7)September 19, 2009

I know Karen has a whole lotta stuff on her plate right now and I was wondering if we could assemble some prayers directed straight to Phoenix. I know you are all AWESOME prayer warriors and besides her own health issues she has to deal with 24/7, she is lovingly taking super care of her dad. He is a lucky man to have such a caring daughter like her and my heart goes out to them both. Please pray for her, her dad and their family for a divine intervention of strength, good health and peace of mind. She is super tired and she needs some rest. Wish we could all take turns helping her, but I know our Lord and Saviour is with her...always. We love you, Karen!!


Thanks, guys, again.... u r awesome!

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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

She has definitely been missed by me, and I've been hoping that she was on vacation or something like that.

Our best thoughts, hopes, prayers and wishes to you and your family, Miss Karen! You are missed and loved! ~tenderlee

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Marlene Kindred

We're thinking of you Karen! Sending love and prayers your way!!!

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Karen, I hope your dad is feeling better and you are able to get some aid in taking care of him. Set backs like this can be hard both physically, mentally and emotionally on the entire family. I will say prayers for you, your dad and your entire family.


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Karen, You already know how much our family LOVES you! We always have you in our prayers. You are a Godsend to our family! Take care! Love, Kirk, Carol, Olivia and Ben Bear

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Sherri, you Sweetheart! Thank you EVERYONE for your generous hearts!! Yes, its been a rough few weeks. My 85 yr old Dad, who lives with me, fell and pulled a groin muscle. He wasn't hurt bad, just couldn't walk. Or get dressed, or get out of bed into a wheelchair and vice versa.
So I was doing a lot of lifting to help him up and down, and pushing him in the wheelchair, and whatever else needed. Since he mostly wanted to stay in bed, he got progressively weaker. I was going downhill fast myself. LOL. The Fibro was in over-drive, tho constant pain and lack of sleep seems to be my 'normal' these days. Medicare is taking care of a Physical Therapy guy to come in 3 days a week, and FINALLY Dad is back to using his walker. Good thing because apparently I hurt myself with all the lifting.
Major pain in my entire left side, front and back, had me seeing my doctor a few days ago. I have a "buckled" rib, which is an incomplete fracture! (leave it to me, I don't complete stuff around here anyway lately. LOL) My doc said NO lifting or pushing wheelchair. So its really a relief Dad doesn't need that right now. This stupid rib has sure put a damper on things tho, can't even take a deep breath without it hurting.
Excuse all the whining, that's why I haven't been posting.

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I knew it!! I knew something had to be very wrong because I had no e-mails or had not seen you post lately. I knew that you were having a rough time and now it is much worse. Karen, I am so sorry that you hurt yourself, I really wish I could have been there to help you. I have never heard of a buckled rib, but OUCH....IT SOUNDS VERY PAINFUL!!! :(
How long is the Dr. saying for recovery time?
Hope its not too long and you are back going again soon.
Maybe, the only good thing about it is, (as if there could possibly be a "good" thing! LOL!)maybe you will have time to heal your whole body now and hopefully, get some rest.
We are still praying for you and your family, so rest and heal sweetheart, God's got this covered with blessed assurance!
love and miss you-

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Marlene Kindred

Oh my gosh lady!!! A buckled rib?? OWWW!! That sounds like it would really be painful....I hope you're listening to the doctor and behaving yourself! Know that all of your junking friends are saying extra prayers for your quick recovery! And, I hope you can get some sleep very, very soon!

BIG HUG!!! (but, very gently....)

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Oh Karen, my heart goes out to you. I know how hard it is to lift. One thing I learned takeing care of my dad is to take care of yourself too. If you have to, get a lift in case he gets down again. One of the first times we use the one we had, dad ended up on the floor laughing at us. We put the sling under him and I jack it up but didn't have the lock tight enought and he slowly went down. I was going " oh,oh he's going down" and he was a laughing...But once we learned how to use it, I moved him my self at times...Dad was 6'0 and over 200lbs.

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mzclassic(z9 FL)

Well Karen, bless your heart. I am sending my prayers and thoughts to you and your dad, and your family too.

Donna in Florida

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Ohhhh, ugh! Sorry you and Dad are suffering with all of this...so fortunate that you have each other to get through it all & also that DH of yours! Will keep you all in good thoughts & prayer, Purplemoon...miss you! And hope you will be back to "your normal" again soon! From your junkin' friend, Jeanne S.

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Been missing you!! Glad your dad didn't break anything but groin pull is no fun either. Glad he is mobile again. I've torn out a couple of ribs by reaching too high up. I was sure it was a heart attack but dr. said rib loosened in front & back. Takes about 6 weeks to heal & easier to loosen again so you have to be careful forever!! I've never heard of "buckled" but since it feels like heart attack it is pretty much same thing to get it healed. If you feel pain stop & look at what you are doing. Sleeping in recliner may be more comfortable for you than in a bed. Turning in bed can start up the pain. Don't move arm on that side much as that can set off the pain. Hoping that it heals much faster than mine did. Hugs & prayers for a fast recovery & that your dad can continue getting around on his own. Jan

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Thank ALL of you so much, it means a lot to me. Jeanne, I love the old-timey card.
Jan, you are right, I had myself in a panic thinking I was having heart symptoms due to how and where the pain was hitting. (I suffer anxiety attacks occasionally and am my own worse enemy!!) My side is feeling much better, and I am being ultra careful for the next few weeks with just regular stuff. Guess I better be careful from now on, tho its hard to remember NOT to do stuff at times.
I am lucky, if Dad falls on the floor, my youngest son Jason, is less than 10 min away at his office.
and less than 5 min. from his house. He can lift Dad right up like he was a ragdoll. LOL. Jas is 6'3" and strong as can be. Oh, the reason I haven't mentioned my DH helping me with the lifting is HE's been seeing a back specialist the last few weeks and can't lift right now. Just recently he's gotten those spinal injections and that's helped him a lot but lifting isn't a good idea. Plus he and Dad about same size. Of course Fred's back problems have NOTHING to do with him playing golf, LOL. So he still plays 6 days a week. Its probably a good thing he's not incapacitated and on required rest, I'd probably have to shoot him! LOL.

Sherri, one of the problems with me trying to get any decent sleep and rest is the Fibro has worsened so much that even my soft mattress feels like its full of rocks at times. I can't stand ANY pressure on my body without it causing from an ache to a major pain. Have to keep a pillow between my knees, as them resting on one another is excruciating. Sitting can be hard, even tho I have a special soft pillow on this chair, as it kills the back of my legs. So resting is difficult. LOL. Think I've become a Zombie, so look out.


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Karen, you are always in my thoughts and prayers too. I hope things will look brighter for you soon and that you will be able to come back to your garden junk family soon.


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Awww, Karen! I am so glad to hear your dad is on the mend but so sorry to hear about your ribs! Ouch! Hopefully some good ol' rest and relaxation will heal them quickly along with all of our prayers. And feel free to whine away all you want to me! lol! I can always use a fellow whiner to commiserate with. Hopefully you will feel up to craftin' and we will see more of your beautiful creations soon. Prayers coming your way!

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