[Human Interest] Tomatoe Thief

gltrap54August 9, 2012

Had canned,gave away, & made all the salsa I needed, so I thought I might generate some cash for the irrigation fund by putting some tomatoes up for sale at the curb. I was charging 1.50/Lb. Someone was nice enough to pay me .31 for four pounds of (really nice Jet Star & Celeb) tomatoes.... End of tomato sale......

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gardenman101(Z6 Spingfield, Ma)

Sorry to hear about that. My wife asked me why I dont put the extra up for sale via the honor system, that is exactlly why i dont. I have hactually found people in my fenced in garden helping themselves. It would be nice to be able to trust people, but do to a few bad apples it is hard for the trust.

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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

A couple of years ago, there was a lovely man in the neighborhood who put his extra veggies in boxes along the curb, inviting anyone to share and share alike. We were driving behind a woman who stopped, jumped out, and wrestled with the whole box to get it into her car.

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Sorry to hear about this. Hopefully it was someone who will at least enjoy eating their ill-gotten gain and not some punks who will throw them at cars, buildings, people, etc.

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A few years ago when our local garden center ran out of tomato plants, they allowed us to sell our extras in their parking lot. We put the plants in the back of our pickup truck, put a coffee can with the the price in the seat and sold all of the plants in a day. We were at work so didn't check on it until evening. Didn't lose a penny on it. I guess the difference is between gardeners and non-gardeners. I've found gardeners to be extremely honest people, others not so much.

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If honor system doesn't work in your neighborhood, the next best place is your parking lot at work. There is a neat little book on Honor System Marketing that covers the ups and downs well.

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For years I gave away fresh vegetables at my curb side, but like others posted, I came to discover certain people were taking everything on the table...... I even heard of one person that was taking my free veggies & reselling them! It's cause for losing our faith in humanity. Now that I'm on a fixed income, & the drought being what it is, I was hoping to offset some of my ever increasing gardening costs. Obviously that won't happen. How do these folks sleep at night?

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Once in a while I think about the local farmers market. But it turns out that these markets are now all run by a franchise organization that charges large fees and imposes onerous restrictions on the vendors.

There's more than one kind of thief. They make it much more trouble and expense than it's worth for the typical gardener.

I take my surplus to the food pantry.

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sunnibel7 Md 7(7)

My Mom still puts hers out on the honor system with no trouble, but my folks live in a rural area where most people know each other. Also she has a little sign that says to leave what money you can, it will help buy seeds for next year's garden. So far no one has taken all the veggies! She does consider it a real coup if someone takes a zucchini. Sorry to hear about your bad experience.

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Ditto here on our farmer's markets.... By the time the average Joe jumps through all the hoops, it's a total waste. Food pantries are a good alternative.

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