Mealy Bug on Dracaena!

riptidefrogJune 30, 2012

Dear friends,

After much admiring of my houseplants today, I discovered to my horror what I think can only be mealy bug living upon my recently purchased dracaena massangeana.

At first I thought, "How did clumps of dust fall upon these newer leaves?" and then I wiped one of the small clumps away..."What is that shiny/sticky stuff undernea....Oh NO!"

Indeed, I have found numerous little puffballs over the plant.

This is a relatively new plant bought when freshly rooted from IKEA. Its only about 2 months old.

I dont think that it has ever been in direct contact with any other plant but it has been close; about 6-12 inches away.

Is there hope to eradicate the pest? Has anyone been successful with this pest and a dracaena before? Is the plant a goner? What are the chances that it jumped to my other nearby Janet Craig? Will I have to replace all of my plants?

The only other time i had this pest was when i was a teenager and then it was only on a cactus I bought and was easy to eradicate with alcohol and a q-tip.

Can I spray each leaf junction with rubbing alcohol or will that harm the plant.

Waaaa! I can't believe that IKEA with their modern styling and comfortable prices (notice I didnt call IKEA furniture comfortable, just their prices) would do this to me! lol

Any help/ideas very much appreciated.



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rhizo_1 (North AL) zone 7

Do you need us to look at a picture to verify the mealybugs, or are you pretty certain?

Yes, you can spray a water : alcohol solution on your Dracaena. I recommend a 3 : 1 ratio, but others have used stronger. I strongly suggest an isolation period for your plant and that you keep an eye on all of your others.

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