Decoupage Questions

tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)October 29, 2008

This topic has to do with junk, but not garden junk, so I put it on the Conversations side. I've had this idea for a while and y'all might just think I'm crazy, and that's okay I've probably been called worse lol.

I think if you had the right artsy type canned good labels decopauged onto a old tin/metal (cheap) serving tray, for example, that it would look really cool, and maybe make neat gifts too. Of course you would crop out everything except the pretty parts of the label.

I told some foreign internet buddies this idea a few years ago and they thought I was surely a loon ... well maybe so, but they weren't garden junkers. The reason I mentioned it to them was because I was hoping some of them would send me some unusual labels from areas like Australia, England, Scotland, etc. If I could get my hands on some unusual labels, it would make all the difference in the appeal of the finished tray.

I have saved many pretty labels for about 10 years now, but most are pretty common to us all. Old pieces of wallpaper might work for this, I have no experience with decoupage whatsoever.

I have been successful in soaking a few wine labels, balsamic vinegar & olive oil labels, etc, The tray could be made according to its intended purpose. i.e. a large round tray would make a good bar serving tray with wine & beer labels maybe. Can anyone see this besides me, and does anyone have experience with decoupage?

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Pretty much anything can be decoupaged I think. I've only dabbled in it a little but want to do more. Its so easy. I think your idea is wonderful and you definitely should do it. Probably some of the gals on the Crafts and Decorations forum have more experience and could help if you need advice.

hugs, Karen

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Tennessee - My DH made oak trays for our kids last Christmas and I decoupaged them with pics, scrap paper, stamping, found objects, etc. Then we used "Epoxy Resin." It's that stuff where you mix the 2 parts tog. & then pour on...small bubbles you can just "blow out" like b'day candles! Anyway, they came out nice...but the epoxy stuff is expensive...we could get 2 trays out of 1 can...think we bought at Menards. Anyway, your idea sounds pretty cool! Int'l labels would be great, too...but there's lots you could use! Jeanne S.

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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

Karen & Jeanne, thanks so much for your input. Glad someone can visualize what I'm talking about.

I'm thinking that the labels would overlap randomly kinda like a crazy quilt, go over the edges and cover the backside too. The cut edges would be somewhat of an issue and I'd have to work out how to butt or overlap them in a "seamless" fashion, maybe distressing the edges, or make the cut edge black, or other color.

I love those trays you did Jeanne! Personalizing them with photos & such makes them very special.

I need to clean out things around here that I save for future projects, but I'm going to keep on hanging onto the labels I've already saved for a while longer, and watch for trays at yard sales. If I ever make it reality, I'll share photos with ya.

Have a wonderful day ~tenderlee

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I think it sounds neat. Love to see pic's when ever you get it done...

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

Thats a great idea tenderlee. Nice tray Jeanne. Its sort of a scrap booking meets decoupage item!
I have done a bit of decoupage (my emails not decou_kp for nothing).
Before I tell you my thoughts, I should mention that there are lots of decoupage sites that you could google.
I've never done anything metal, but I know it can be tricky because of the possibility of rust (inevitability really). So make sure you rustproof. I think you should probably remove any existing rust then paint with rustoleum paint first. You can imagine what water based glue would do to a metal tray. If you want a metal look peeping through your labels you can top coat with a metal paint or even metal leaf. I have a lamp that I put "real imitation gold leaf" (no kidding that is the name of the product) on then queenamidala paper dolls and it is beautiful. I've done mostly lamps and jewelry boxes and candle holders so I'm not sure about what works best on something that would carry wet stuff possibly. Many layers of a water resistant urethane. Spar varnish yellows unfortunately, but that could be an ok look. There must be a clear poly that would work something that is used on furniture. To get the look that the paper is sunk into the finish I sometimes put many coats. The lamp I mentioned has 18 coats of oil based poly. (The finish yellowed, but I wanted it to look old inthat case) Then I finish up with a coat of bowling alley wax.
Below is a link I got by googling decoupage tray. It uses liquitex which I 've never used but lots of folks talked about back when I frequented decoupage sites instead of garden junk!
Good luck and do post pics.

Here is a link that might be useful: Decoupage tray

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meadel(Z6 NJ)

I don't have any pics but here is something that will get you revved up !
I love wine bottle labels. Last year I googled winemakers and wrote to them telling them I wanted to do a craft project with their labels. I got TONS of beautiful ones and even some other neat stuff like corkscrews etc! I also love the artwork on old fruit crates. You can do lots of stuff with those labels !!
Makes me want to break out my mod podge right now !!

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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

Each and every one of you had good tips and brought up things to consider that I hadn't thought about!

meadel, I never would have thought of writing the wineries!

kathy, the rust issue is certainly something to consider. and the glue tips are welcome.

leveta, if it ever becomes reality, i promise to post pics. might even post pics of the materials someday.

another item that might have pretty graphics would be seed packets, or maybe sachet envelopes with pretty pictures.

the last thing i need is more stuff, but i'm looking for pretty printed papers and something to glue them on!

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susie_gardener_2007(OK 7)

I used to decoupage all kinds of items when I was going thru my decoupage stage in my 20s. Here's a couple of tips I got that really worked nicely. If you want an irregular edge, you can burn the print (or in your case label) around the edges. You have to be quick with this, and make sure it's just around the edge, but it gives a nice look. You take off the black part. Try it on something like a picture from a magazine or something first, for practice.

I used to use a two step process of Polyurethane product that I got at the craft store, kind of like Jeanne used on her beautiful tray. You pour it on and it only takes one layer, so it saves lots of steps. I still have some decoupaged items from the 70s that I made, so it really holds up. Another tip, when you use the poured product, is to put a little line of vaseline around the edge of the bottom of the tray or plaque. That way, when it dries you can wipe off the drips from the bottom and it doesn't leave bumpy drips of dried polyurethane.

Be sure to seal your print or label with a mixture of equal parts of white glue and water. Brush it on and let it dry before you put the decoupage product on. That way it won't seep into your picture.

Have fun! And be sure to post pictures.


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tennesseetrash(7 east tenn)

Susie, somehow I missed the decoupage thing during the 70's, or whenever it was. so it'll be new to me, which kind of makes it more exciting in a way.

I had thought about burning the edges, but had questions, and I think you filled in the blanks. Thanks!!! And the glue tips are so helpful too.

So nice of you to take the time to give me that good advice. ~tenderlee

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Tenderlee, I'm not exactly sure what kind of labels you would consider using, but here is a collage site I use, that has scanned or maybe reproduction labels. There are also many more images you might want to use for decoupage.

Here is a link that might be useful: Flicker Collage Images (Labels)

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Ten, a quick tip on burning the edges that was told me to years ago by someone. Roll the paper into a tube first, then burn each end slightly.

hugs, Karen

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Tenderlee, just repeat over and over, I am not crazy, I am not crazy, I am not crazy!!! You are certainly not crazy, that is a great idea!!! I have seen lots of pretty and unique labels on things from the Dollar Tree. Some of their food products have really unusual labels. Good luck with the decoupage, looks like you got lots of great help from everyone. Let us see whatcha come up with!

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adina72(z5 CNY)

I think that's a great idea! It would be so fun to collect the labels. If you don't want to wait that long, Dover has some great label clip art you can buy on their website. you got me thinkin'. I have a tray I was going to mosaic, but maybe I could incorporate some labels in there too.

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Long time since I've done decoupage but anyone burning anything on edges hold it over the kitchen sink if it flares up you have water on hand!! Can see some newbies getting in trouble here!! Want everyone to be safe!! I recently made cookies & the wax paper was about 8 in. from stove,I had put the cookies away but had some others to frost. I put water in a pan & turned on gas stove, that wax paper shot over & flames were going above the stove hood, I dumped the water I had just put on stove on it to get it out. I had had waxed paper there a thousand times over the yrs. Don't know what caused it to "creep" to heat & was really scarey. We don't know what they are putting in things these days so use the sink!! Jan

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nmgirl(8 S.NM)

Have you looked at Dover Books clip art collections? They offer black & white and color clip art that's yours for the printing. I've used them for embroidery designs. If I remember right they even have one that features old style labels. I don't know how printer ink will work in decoupage, you might need to stabilize the image before use.
Have you considered using origami paper? There's are some beautiful ones out there. The paper can be on the heavy side but I haven't found that to be much of an issue for my projects.

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

I print images on my ink jet printer to decoupage. But I spray them well with Krylon Crystal Clear before I cut them out. It works to prevent the ink from running but smells bad, so ventilation is key! Laser prints supposedly don't run. The Dover books and cd's are wonderful, but you can also get free samples from Dover every month, I've posted the link to sign up below in case anyone is interested.
By the way, it seems that this thread could have been on the other side. Don't we usually include "porch junk" too?

Here is a link that might be useful: Dover sample sign up

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concretenprimroses(4B NH)

HEre is a label I got as a sample some time ago.


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Can you use spray glue instead of glue or Mod Podge to glue picture down as well as to spray over entire project when done?

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I am going to decoupage a paper print of a bird onto wood and I would like to give it a crackle affect and make it looked aged. I see that done but do not know how. Thanks

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