Cucumber plants not producing--and I have both sexes and bees!

abolton(z7 TN)August 6, 2009

I have a beautiful cucumber vine with loads of blossoms, yet it's not producing a single cucumber. I've done some research and I realize this is a somewhat common problem with cucumbers...but I also read that most of the time, when a cucumber doesn't produce, it's either because there aren't any or enough bees, or the plant doesn't have both male and female flowers.

Well, I definitely have bees, and, from the descriptions I've read of the male and female flowers, I'm pretty sure I have both. So, what's my problem? Anyone got any ideas? I am getting so frustrated with this vine. Please help!

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How hot has it been there? A lot of vegetables won't set fruit when the temperature gets above a certain point.

Is the plant from saved seeds or bought seeds or transplant? What variety is it?

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abolton(z7 TN)

It's been in the 90s with fairly high humidity. Once the temps dropped into the lower 90s, it produced one cucumber. I'm hoping that's a good sign and that now that it's cooled down even more, maybe it will produce more.

The plant is one I bought at a hardware store, not from seed. The variety is Boston pickling cucumber. Any advice on that kind?

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i'm in same zone as you, and wasn't getting any either, UNTIL, i started pruning them like tomato plants. first i pruned all leaves the first foot and half off of ground to get air flow...and i also pruned all the leaves that showed even the littlest yellow. then a week later..BOOM...all of a sudden, it seemed that all that once were flowers, had fruits, then a week after that, a TON. not kidding. now it seems i have more leaves than before, too, and had to prune a little today, and will do a ton tomorrow too.

prune them. ive heard the plant thinks it needs to go to seed right away, after this happens. note however that i have approx 20 plants sharing the same trellis that is six feet long. they need air and space.

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