Cissus quadrangularis cuttings

greybird_kekeJune 1, 2013

A few months ago, I started some C. quadrangularis cuttings....they finally sprouted recently, and once sprouted, they are growing quickly. I've never grown these before, so I am wondering if I should put all in one pot, or plant individually?

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What you see is what you get, except that the few leaves will be more prominent. If you want to take care of 4 pots of each, go for it. Will they benefit? Not for a long time.

They either like to climb with their grape plant tendrils, or they will be pendant and fall apart when they are disturbed. You can then either make more pots of them, or clump some of them and discard the 100 pieces extra that you will have in 3 years.

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Thanks for your input, Dzitmoidonc! I get the idea these might not be among your favorite plants :) I actually got these cuttings when a pendant plant was disturbed and it fell apart!! So maybe I will try to support these with a small trellis and see if they will hold together better that way. The plant these cuttings came from had been kept dry and didn't even have any leaves.

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These are used in Indian (from India) medicine, I forget how. A leaf will grow at each joint. In the dry season they fall off.

Had one for a few years, I decided to thin the collection by several hundred plants, this was one eliminated. I have some older ladies who yard sale all the time, I give them my rejects, they sell them. They are poor ladies who don't even have a phone, so they get a few bucks, I get rid of anything I don't want. Win-win.

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I liked this plant when I first spotted it - and haven't seen it since locally. I have also taken some cuttings, singly, but will probably combine now I've read the comments.
But I was intrigued to see you propagated them horizontally - how clever. Logical when I thought about it but really great tip.

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